Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 6

Repelling The Zika Invader


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Welcome back to my midwives hut for the final part of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. Episode one through five I delivered numerous topics which included, water, birth and mosquito. Why the male mosquito sucks.

The two great boarder-control womb-walls of protection. How the Zika virus has declared war on the fetal brain. Zika symptoms, and aftermath choices women have, if they become infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy, plus how the Aedes species of mosquito is taking on some human characteristics. How they has improved her their living accommodation, and set themselves up for a lifetime free food voucher, WITH a ticket to the biggest feeding banquet in the world.

In this video I am going to deliver how repelling the Zika virus invader can protect you and your family. I will also deliver to you what we as a species can do to save future generations of our children from the devastating physical, mental and neurological damage caused by the Zika virus.

As stated in episode one as a certified nurse midwife I am a strong supporter of water birth. However in all consciousness I cannot, will not support a Zika-infected mosquito choosing a water birthing spot to lay her precious eggs, in or around my home, town or country. I am asking you to join my quest and gather the troops who live in your home to scout out, and remove ideal stagnant water birthing spot that could be used by a mosquito to lay her precious eggs. I advise you to walk inside and outside your home, and inspect every nook and cranny for evidence of stagnant water.

The whole purpose of this exercise, is to destroy any Zika-invader and annihilate any chance they may have of coming to live in YOUR home. You will be documenting and making maps of all your findings like; any puddle, pots or pool, any cup, can or container, any bottle tops, toys or tires, and anything that traps stagnant water. I would then suggest you engage the entire family in an eradication effort to remove all of these items. Now, as far as the sexual transmission of the Zika virus goes. Like many situations in the world the transmission of the Zika virus is male dominated.

At the time of recording this video the Zika virus has only proven to be passed from the male to the female human species. I can't say this enough. If you are pregnant and there is any possibility of your male partner having been exposed to the Zika virus, the CDC’s (Center For Disease Control) current recommendation is he should use protection correctly and consistently or abstain from the “whole tunnel of love business” for the duration of your pregnancy. However the government of El Salvador has advised its women citizens “not to get pregnant for the next two years". Public officials in Colombia, Ecuador, and Jamaica have also warned their women to avoid trying to conceive for several months.

Ladies this is serious. Never before in the history of infectious disease had a virus destroyed human brain tissue! To get my point across I made some brain bread-dough this morning to SHOW YOU the size of a normal baby’s brain at birth. And here is the size of a babies brain at birth that has been eaten and destroyed by the Zika virus invader. Shocking...

 My advice to you is, if you are actively trying to get pregnant and your partner had recently traveled to parts of the world where the Zika virus is active, or you know for sure he was infected, then I would immediately use effective contraception, and put off trying to get pregnant for at least 3 months. This will allow enough time for his stored sperm to be released.

The same advice goes for women not wanting to get pregnant at this time. Make sure it does not happen accidentally by using highly effective, long term reversible, contraception such as the contraceptive the Nexplanon implant or IUD. I would also advise you NOT to travel to counties where the Zika virus is rampant. A list of these countries can be found on the CDC website at

As a certified nurse midwife I get questions all the time on various subject and mosquito repellent safety during pregnancy is a hot topic at the moment. Let me look in my Midwife's bag to see the latest products for mosquito repellant. Mosquito repellant products comes in many forms and many brand names, including aerosols, sprays, liquids, creams, wipes, bands. It is a HUGE decision to decide which product to buy. The bottom line is as long as you buy a state authorized insect repellant with DEET, it should be good and DEET IS SAFE for use during pregnancy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends that insect repellents should contain NO MORE than 30% DEET when used on children. Studies show that products with higher amounts of DEET provides longer protection. Going over a 30% concentration of DEET offers no additional protection. On average a 10% DEET may repel unwanted invaders for about 2 hours, while products with 24% DEET last an average of 5 hours. The bad news for new moms is that The American Academy of Pediatric doesn’t recommend using products with DEET on newborn babies less than two months of age. This is a problem for women like myself with a bun in the oven, worried about how to protect this little one when the time comes…

Well don’t expect to bubble wrap your baby that is imposable. Oh yes these clip on, clip off, insect repellant devices are great to help protect your baby from unwanted Zika invaders when attached to stroller, pram, or even clipped onto yourself if you are carrying your baby. Oh and there is the white netting not black that fits on the babies car seat OR on the stroller and LIKE my Zika barrier-protection gear it works very well. On the subject of my Zika barrier protection-gear let me tell you what I am up to at the moment as to be honest I am getting a little old for this whole pregnancy stuff. I thought maybe this is a good time in my life to change careers and go into insect repellant on and off wear, as I think there is money to be made in this field AS the Zika virus spreads.

So as a pregnant menopausal aspiring entrepreneur I did a lot of research to figure out WHAT could I design and make some money on that will help women in the same position as myself pregnant and worried about been attacked by the ZIKA INVADER. So I studied Maggie in the womb and I came up with a brilliant idea! So come on outside with me show you for yourself my latest design of Zika barrier protective-gear! Now I did not have a lot of time to put this together as I am a very busy woman with a full time midwifery career and two teenage boys.

You can be your own judge and see for yourself, if me changing careers and going into designer wear would be a good idea. Well I chose red as the men have a fancy for red netting but I am very serious here now... I am asking you to take action to help protect our future generations of buns in the oven all over the world. If you ARE PREGNANT please inform your Doctor – Nurse or Midwife if you can answer yes to any of the following:

• You or your partner develop at least one sign or symptom of Zika virus disease. Covered in episode four.

 • Your male partner was diagnosed with the Zika virus disease before or during your pregnancy.

 • You or your partner has recently traveled or are thinking of travelling to one of the countries listed by the CDC website with ACTIVE Zika virus transmission hot spots.

 Now if you are not pregnant then your action is PEACE:

  •  P for Protect
  •  E for Eliminate
  •  A for Advocate
  •  C for Connect
  •  E for Educate

1.) P for PROTECT: Protect you and your family by wearing state authorized mosquito repellant and cover up your bodies with protective gear

2.) E for ELIMINATE: Eliminate all stagnant water in or around your home to eliminate any potential mosquito breeding grounds

3.) A for ADVOCATE: Advocate for women to have equal rights, freedom in life choices, FREEDOM to support scientific research because without choice and freedom we are at the mercy of a male dominated political system. Without research on fetal tissue, we will not be able to understand the Zika virus. What gives our politicians, religious leaders and our governments the right to make decisions that AFFECT our freedom of choice as women? Politics and religion have NO PLACE in a woman’s right to use or refuse contraception or to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy. We as women need to join forces putting our personal opinions aside and respect the rights of each woman to choose or not to choose. We need speak up as a collective body-of-women, because our future generation is at stake. Ok I got a little carried away with myself. Ok Let me calm down and take a homeopathy remedy or else I might go into labor.

 4.) C or CONNECT: Connect with your local town authorities, ask them what they are doing about fighting the mosquito war in your area. Ask them what has their response been to the CDC’s level one activation status assigned to the Zika virus. You asking questions will help nip things in the bud before mosquitos reproduce, before they lay eggs and before we get infected. The longer we individually do nothing and just wait, the more mosquito eggs will be laid, and the harder these mosquitoes will be to control.

 5.) E for EDUCATE: Let's use the power of the adult human brain to wage war against this Zika infected mosquitoes through education. Education raises awareness and awareness can be a secret weapon used to motivate people to take action. Stand up, speak out and fight along with researchers, scientists and medical personnel just like me who feel so strongly that we need to repel the Zika invader. This Zika invader has already destroyed the future intelligence of thousands of our innocent babies.

 Joining my army of educators is easy and simple. All you need to do is pass along my website address listed below this video to friends, family, politicians and anyone else that might want to listen to it. Together we can make a HUGE difference. Don't forget to tell them its "A MUST WATCH VIDEO" to give the email or social media message a little suspense. People love suspense. May the force of mosquito protection be with you.  



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 I have over 30 years’ experience in the field. I have delivered over 2,000 babies and I have cared for over 10,000 women throughout different stages of their reproductive cycle. In these videos I take on the persona of a pregnant woman to get my message across the world, because, to be honest delivering important health related EDUCATION in a traditional manner can be very boring.

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