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Welcome back to my midwives hut for part five of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. Episode one through four I delivered water, birth and mosquito, why the male mosquito sucks, the two great boarder-control womb-walls of protection, how the Zika virus has declared war on the fetal brain, Zika symptoms and aftermath choices women have if they become infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy. In this episode, I will deliver how the Zika INFECTED Aedes species of mosquito is taking on some human characteristics, improving their living accommodation and setting themselves up for a lifetime free food voucher WITH a ticket to the biggest feeding banquet in the world.

 The story of the Zika INFECTED Aedes mosquito continues. She has greatly enjoyed her travels around the world and has really enjoyed the havoc and devastation she is causing. She continues to build her international Zika virus army with no personal price to pay. THIS gives her a lot of self-pride, AND, a desire to elevate her STATUS and become a WORLD INVADER now moving into human living quarters. She is now choosing to live both inside the comforts of human homes and outside in cool shaded areas, as she pleases. She rests indoors, in closets and other dark places, laying her eggs in indoor flower pots and any other objects that traps stagnant water such as sump pumps and refrigerator door water traps.

She has decided to take on some human attributes. Oh sorry for the interruptions as a midwife I do a lot of on-call. This is mother nature calling me. Hello… I’ll be right there. Mrs. Aedes has just given birth and I am been called to the chicken coop for a mosquito feeding consultation. So why don’t you come along with me for the walk. As a midwife I am a breast feeding expert not a mosquito feeding expert, so I don’t know why I am been called for a mosquito feeding consultation.

I took my midwives bag along as it can be very helpful when I am in a sticky situation. Hello Mrs Aedes, congratulations on your emergence from larve to a full grown mosquieto – your 7 day turnaround is keeping humans very busy as getting rid-of-you is ONE TERMINATION no is QUESTIONING. But as a midwife when I am asked to give a woman a bit of advice, I have no option but to show up and help out. I understand you are looking for a bit of advice about feeding. Let me put my bag down and look inside to see what visual aids can help me give you a bit mosquito feeding advice.

 The preferred feeding time for the Aedes species of mosquito like yourself, is to feed during the daylight hours when humans are out and about. To outsmart the non-suspecting humans the best time to feed off human blood for during the first two hours after sunrise, and several hours before sunset. Feeding should last for one to two hours at a time, then it is would be very important to rest. Planning ahead where and how you will feed is important. Remember in some ways you are like little vampire, needing blood to feed your egg brood and transmit your Zika virus. The quicker you latch ONTO your target, make your STAB wound, the quicker you can suck, feed and fly away. Great places to nibble from are smelly feet and exposed ankles.

A great place to attack from would be come from underneath desks and chairs. If that fails you can choose your back up plan and suck from fruit juice. You should also know the most amazing thing about this whole mosquito feeding biting process is the fact that when you stab the unsuspecting human for food, you inject your saliva into the humans skin, and THAT SALIVA contains anti-coagulants.

 Another name for a blood thinner. Injecting this blood thinner from your saliva makes the whole mosquito feeding and sucking process a lot easier for you. It makes the blood more liquid and prevent the human blood from clotting… This makes it easier and quicker to drink human blood. Strangely it is not actually a bite. It is really a stabbing and sucking. I guess no one wanted to call the mosquito feeding patters a “mosquito suck”, bite sounds an awful lot better. I can stay any longer as I have a lot of patients to see today. Cheerio!

In a minute I want you to look at the footage here you will see what a mosquito like Mrs.Aedes did to me last week when I went out in the back yard to take a bit of video footage. I guess the word got out to the mosquito species that I was producing these videos and they were waiting to attack me as soon as I left the house without mosquito repellant. Let me put my bag down as it is getting a little heavy. I couldn’t believe my skin, within minutes I was bitten by a mosquito. I didn’t feel a thing until I looked at my hand and there was evidence of been stab and sucked. The blood was thinned, as it took a few minutes to clot. Getting Zika is as easy as that!

If you are living in areas where the Aedes white striped legged mosquito lives. The Zika virus is spreading like wildfire in Brizil, the host country for 2016 Olympic Games. There the Zika INFECTED mosquitoes are working around the clock and DECLAIRING the opening day for the Olympics as "Zika Day". Because over half a million humans will attend the Olympics this means it is the biggest human-banquet, mosquito-feeding event in years. "Zika Day" is the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) biggest nightmare because from that day forward there will be a surge in the number of people infected with the Zika virus.

As of the end of March 2016 the Brazilian Ministry of Health has reported that they had documented 91,000 local cases of Zika. Winning the war against the spread of the Zika virus will only happen if we as citizens of the world take action, and help educate each other about this virus. This includes understanding how destructive it is, how infectious it is, how it destroys fetal brain tissue, how it is TRANSMITTED and how to PREVENT it. Stay tuned for the final episode where I will deliver what you can do to protect yourself and your family and what we as a group can do to save our future generations of children from the devastating physical, mental and neurological effects caused by the effects of the Zika virus.  



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