Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 4

Zika Symptoms And Pregnancy Choices


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Welcome back to my midwives hut for part four of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. Episode 1-2- and 3 I delivered water, birth and mosquito, why the male mosquito sucks, the two great boarder-control womb-walls of protection, and how the Zika virus has DECLARED war on the fetal brain. In this episode I am going to deliver Zika symptoms and aftermath choices pregnant women have if they become infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy.

The Zika virus is waging war on three groups of people. Pregnant women, the women who are trying to get pregnant, and the group of people who have a weakened immune system due to medication or disease. I am a woman’s healthcare expert but because this Zika virus is under the radar of infection control I am going to look in my Midwife's bag to help us understand what symptoms we should be looking for that may alert us to been infected with the Zika virus…

 I put this hand in here to remind me of Zika symptoms but it also remind me of how people had their chopped off for shoplifting when I worked in Saudi Arabia. If you haven’t seen my “Don’t call the midwife back YouTube series then you can watch them later if you’re interested. Back to Zika symptoms one out of every five people with Zika will have symptoms. These symptoms can last for 2-7 days but may take a week to show up. The Zika virus has 4 major symptoms. Now you do not have to have all of these four symptoms to have Zika.

The four major Zika symptoms are Fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis. And what’s this boob doing in here to remind me of. Now you have to excuse me as a midwife I talk about boobs all day long. Oh yes the color of this boob is pink, OH! and that was to remind me to tell you conjunctivitis is also known as pinkeye. The Zika can manifest as a rare condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is when your immune system attacks your nerves, causing muscle weakness and even paralysis.

In the last video I delivered how the Zika virus eats away the fetal brain, it also has a liking to the more mature adult brain tissue. In adults the Zika virus can cause inflammation of the brain and its surrounding spinal fluid causing various degrees of neurological symptoms and damage, resulting in strong headaches, blurred vision. It can also cause hallucinations, or the inability to form sentences. In the most extreme cases, permanent paralysis, epilepsy, or seizures may occur. However, as I said only one in five people will get Zika symptoms so many Zika cases go undiagnosed.

I episode two I shared the Zika virus is transmission either from a mosquito bite or from A Zike infected male sperm. As a side note there has been one reported Zika virus transmission via a blood transfusion. At this point, there is no research about the life span of the Zika virus in sperm. However, we do know that after the male sperm is produced, it is stored inside the male jewels for about 2 1/2 months before it is ejaculated regardless of how many times your man comes. This is why scientists and people like myself are VERY concerned about the timeline of men infecting their female partners who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.

As I said before and I will say again, some scientists equate the infestation of the Zika virus on a pregnant woman to a tornado or an earthquake within the womb, leaving havoc and internal destruction in its wake. Zika can result in miscarriage or fetal death. If a baby survives birth, the destruction left behind by the Zika virus may include several types of birth defects such as a decreased ability to learn and function in daily life, problems with movement and balance, difficulties with feeding, hearing, and seeing.

At this point, public health officials, researchers, scientists and virologists are UNSURE about what percentage of woman who get infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy will have a microcephaly baby. As of May 2016 the latest published research state “pregnant women infected with the Zika virus during before 12 weeks of pregnancy face as high as a 13% chance that their baby been born with a rare brain defect known as microcephaly”. What we do know is microcephaly occurring as a result of the Zika virus may not be diagnosed until later in the pregnancy. This places women in a difficult position as far as the legalities of opting to terminate her pregnancy with a confirmed diagnosis of microcephaly.

In the U.S. laws regarding termination of pregnancy is controlled my law-makers and politicians at state level. These law-makers and politicians decide the cut off pregnancy gestational age a woman cannot have a termination, they rule on the location where termination of pregnancy can occur. Some states will only allow a termination of pregnancy to take place in a hospital setting, which makes it financially impossible for many women, when we had many clinics that can offer the same service for a whole lot let.

State law-makers and politicians dictate if Medicaid or private insurance will and will not pay for a termination of pregnancy. Some state law requires the woman to see not only one but two two medical Doctors before a termination of pregnancy can be approved. What a waste of healthcare money. The state of Ohio forces woman who are opting to terminate a pregnancy to view her baby on ultrasound and watch her babies heart-beat beating before having a termination. How cruel is this?

Why are we as human beings so cruel to each other at times? Who gives politicians and law makers the right to make medical decisions for a women? I tell you, if men were able to have a bun in the oven like this, there would not be any laws interfering with their right to make medical decisions. Men would be allowed to do whatever they wanted to, and, no one would question their choices. Stay tuned for episode five where I will deliver, how, the female Zika-infected mosquitoes are adapting some human characteristics, improving their living accommodations and setting themselves up for a lifetime FREE food voucher, with a ticket to the biggest feeding banquet in the world.  



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