Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 3

War On The Fetal Brain


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Welcome back to my midwives hut for part three of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. Episode one and two I delivered water, birth and mosquito, why the male mosquito sucks and the two great boarder-control womb-walls of protection. In this episode, I am going to deliver information, about how Zika has declared war on the fetal brain results in microcephaly, a brain condition characterized by an unusually small head that can lead to developmental issues or even death.

It is my opinion, and the opinion of many, that women should have equal if not MORE rights than our opposite male counterparts. The reason is because we are independently capable of building the TWO GREATEST WALLS FOR ALL OF MANKIND. They are the two great border-control womb-walls of protection as mention in episode two and without these walls, none of us would be here. If you ever question our intelligence, then don’t.

We are SCIENTIFIC human incubating machines capable of making babies heads that shape shift to fit through the mothers bony pelvis. A true birth miracle, that warrants consulting with my midwives bag to help explain this fetal head shape shifting process in more details….. Here is an average 7 1/2 pound baby, and I delivered many a baby that was a nine pounder, and to my horror delivered an odd ten pounder. Here is an actual life size model of the female pelvis.

Under normal circumstances there is no way this head will fit through the mothers pelvis at birth without a shape shifting process called molding. To facilitate the fetal skull been able to shape shift we as women genetically engineer growing a babies skull in six different sections. This makes the babies skull more flexible allowing the bones to overlap, shape shift and shrink down to a 10cm diameter so it can in fact fit in, through and out of the bony structures of the mothers pelvis during birth. This pot is 10cm in diameter, so the average head shrinks from this to this.

 Let’s learn more about the fetal brain. Fetal brain is on everyone’s mind at the moment and guess what I found in the store this morning was fetal brain in the meat aisle. Oh- I forgot to take the price tag off. Like a breast of chicken its outer surface of the brain is smooth. As the fetal brain grows it pushes up on the 6 skull bones giving the baby’s head its typical rounder shape like you see on ultrasounds during pregnancy. The Zika virus is NOT like any other infectious disease we have seen in the past.

If a pregnant woman becomes infected with the Zika virus a womb war begins. The unwanted Zika virus crosses both of the great boarder-control womb-walls of protection. In doing so, the growing babies brain it attacks and destroys from all angles, resulting in STUNTED fetal brain growth. Once the babies brain stops growing there is no longer enough internal pressure from the brain onto the skull resulting in a misshaped skull called microcephaly. Skin that was supposed to cover a normal-sized babies skull now gathers as extra folds of wrinkles at the back of the baby’s neck.

At the TIME of this recording June 2016, almost 4,000 Brazilian babies have been born with microcephaly as a result of the Zika virus attacking the babies brain. Microcephalic babies may not live past the age of 7. If they do, they will more than likely require 24 hour care. Stay tuned for episode four where I will deliver more about Zika virus symptoms and the choices women have following Zika INFESTATION during pregnancy.



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