Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 2

Status Feared As Ebola


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Welcome back to my midwives hut for part two of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. In episode one I delivered water, birth, and mosquito and why the male mosquito sucks. In this episode I am going to share why the Zika virus is now as feared as the Ebola virus.

 February 1st, 2016, the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. A week later the CDC (the Center for Disease Control) here in the America elevated its response efforts to the Zika virus as a Level 1 Activation. This means things are extremely serious, and the CDC has staff working 24/7 round the clock to deal with the situation. So far, the CDC has only assigned a Level 1 Activation on 3 other occasions.

The first occasion to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the second occasion was to the H1N1 flu outbreak in 2009, and the third occasion was to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now you might be asking yourself why a Level 1 activation to Hurricane Katrina. The fact is after a hurricane of such magnitude there is a dramatic increase in the number of disease carrying mosquito.

 The Zika virus was given a Level 1 Activation by the CDC as a result of information received from Brazil stating the Zika virus is the “first known mosquito-borne infection to cause congenital anomalies in humans”. Thousands of women in Brazil have delivered babies with small heads called microcephaly, a brain condition that can lead to developmental issues or even death. This I will deliver in more details in episode three.

 The Zika virus is relentless: it shows no mercy and has no conscience. Once it enters the female pregnant body it seeks out the life support system for the bun in the oven in an attempt to destroy the baby’s brain. Some scientists equate the INFESTATION of the Zika virus on a pregnant woman to a tornado or an earthquake that invades the womb, leaving havoc and devastation in its wake.

 It does not matter who you are, how much money you have, what you do for a living, or where she lives in the world, the state of pregnancy mandates building two great border-control womb-walls of protection to protect the growing bun-in-the-oven. A lot of people do not know about the two great border-control womb-walls of protection so lets look inside my Midwife's Bag for some visuals to help explain things in more details.

 Oh! Here is a lovely model of where we all started as human being. Your Mother’s womb… It is very true There Is No Place Like Womb! Looking inside the womb house, it is unbelievable we all started our life’s journey from the same place. As soon as a woman gets pregnant she creates the first border-control womb walls of protection. The port of entry for the location of the first great border-control womb-wall of protection is at the end of the tunnel of love, and the destination city is the Cervix or the neck of the womb. The wall itself is called… the great almighty mucous plug!

The mucus plug is built at the end of the tunnel of love inside the neck of the womb. The great almighty mucous plug is like a plug in a sink, used so nothing will drain, unless it is removed. When a woman goes into labor her mucous plug dislodges and it is a good sign that things will start flowing shortly afterwards. Now the mucous plug can be a little bit discussing because it is like a big old snot.

 The location of the second great border-control womb-wall of protection is the placenta landscape, which stretches across a large section of the mother’s womb, commonly referred to as the afterbirth. Guess what, no matter how big, how tall, how wide these two great border-control womb-walls of protection are, they are not good enough to prevent the Zika virus INVADERS from crossing both walls and destroying the fetal brain. And what’s even worse ABOUT THIS VIRUS is that this Zika invader has enlisted the help of trillions of male sperm all over the world to infect women before and during pregnancy via the female tunnel of love.

This is extremely worrisome because now the war strategy has changed: it is now man and mosquito against woman and child. Women need to stand up REPEL this Zika womb invader because during pregnancy her internal passport is stamped as weakened immunity. As a certified nurse midwife, I feel I have a responsibility and means to educate women who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are mothers of young children, about the devastating birth defects and neurological symptoms that the Zika virus causes. In these videos I promise to sugar coat nothing. Stay tuned for episode three where I will deliver how the Zika virus declares war on the babies brain.



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