Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 1

Water Birth And Mosquito


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Welcome to my midwives hut for part one of my six part Pregnancy Zika Facts educational program. In this first episode I am going to discuss the significance of water to both human and mosquito birth patterns. For centuries water has been an important element for the birthing cycle of both man and mosquito. Without water inside our mother's womb we would never have made it from Zygote to who we are today. Without water we would not survive. Without water, the female mosquito would not survive or find a suitable birthing spot to lay her precious eggs.

As a certified nurse midwife I support water birth 100%. I delivered my own two boys at home in a birthing pool. However, I cannot support any further mosquitoes delivering their eggs in any form of water because the Zika infected mosquitoes is now as feared as the Ebola virus. The reason for this is because the Zika INFECTED Aedes mosquito is trying to take over the brains of our children AND take over our human dwellings… Let's look in my Midwife's bag to clarify, WHERE within human dwelling the Zika INFECTED mosquito is choosing to lay her brood of eggs.

Favorite spots for the Zika infested mosquito to lay her eggs would in your children’s sand toys or bits of toys thrown around the yard, dog bowls standing around with lots of water in them, any can, cup or container that holds stagnant water. She hides under decks, under garden chairs, in old tires, bird feeders, bottle tops thrown around the yard. She loves any pond, pool, or puddle. Anything that traps water, big or small, it does not matter. They are breading grown for mosquitoes. It is important to know that the Zika infected Aedes mosquito also lives indoors, so look for stagnant pools of water inside your home such as flower pots, sump pumps or refrigerator doors.

Like humans, mosquito have to go through various stages of development within water to grow into healthy species. If you look at this image here you will see the transformation that mosquito eggs have made into larva. Larvae needs to breathe so they create internal siphon tubes similar to what humans use for snorkeling, which aid them with underwater breathing. Like growing babies the larvae spend a lot of their time hanging out upside down. Like growing babies, the larvae start off with little WIGGLY MOVEMENT and often referred to as "little wigglers". Larvae SHED their skin four times and grow larger after each shed.

 During the fourth cycle of skin shedding the larva now develops into a pupa. Not poop but pupa. Like the human fetus the pupa love to tumble around in water and this is why both baby and pupa they are sometimes referred to as little "tumblers". The whole mosquito birth cycle can take 5-10 days depending on how warm the weather is. Shortly after birth, the adult mosquito flies off into the man versus mosquito war-zone. Humans all over the world are plotting how to destroy Zika-infected mosquitoes because the Zika virus is destroying the intelligence of our future generations. PLUS the Aedes Zika infected mosquito also carries two other infectious diseases called Dengue and Chikungunya. Gross! I will never view a puddle of stagnant water in the same way again without wondering how many wigglers are lurking beneath the surface.

Now you may be asking how long has the Aedes Zika carrying mosquito been around for? A very good question. My research revealed the Aedes Zika carrying mosquito has been around for longer than I have been around for and that is for over 69 years. Years ago the Aedes species of mosquito in Uganda had a desire like many of us to travel the world. Of course it would have been impossible for a small mosquito to fly across the world. She couldn't go buy an airline ticket to travel. Instead she found big cargo ships that had stagnant pools of water in which to lay her eggs. Very cleaver for a mosquito.

By the time it took the cargo ships to reach their destination and off-load their supplies, there would have been enough time for the emergence of a new generation of mosquitoes. According to the mosquito boarder control, the Aedes species of mosquito has crossed many boarders and is documented to be in over 62 countries. Currently there is a lot of talk about women wanting to be equal to men. However, the female Aedes mosquito doesn’t care about men!

She is an independent woman out for vengeance and her mission in life is to destroy the intelligence of the human species. In her quest to break the glass ceiling, she has capitalized on being the only mosquito gender to have the ability to bite and feed off humans. Once BITTEN by the wrath of a female Zika infected mosquito, it can be a life altering experience and you may never be the same. The poor mosquito man! I feel sorry for the poor lad. He doesn’t even have the capability to bit human skin. All he can do is on suck plant juice.

At this point, the only thing working against the female Zika infected mosquito, is the fact that she has distinctive white markings on her legs. Hold on a minute I think the socks stuffing my bra today have mosquito lines. Lo and behold sure they do. Maybe this is Nature's way of warning humans to BE ON HIGH ALERT, a mosquito wearing white stripes like this is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS AND DANGEROUS. Stay tuned for episode two where I will deliver why the Zika virus at the moment is as feared as the Ebola virus.  



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