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Invitro infertility treatment simple facts explained because many times your Doctor has no time to sit down and give you the full scoop.

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 The word in vitro fertilization (IVF) means fertilization outside of the body. IVF is the most effective Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment. It is often used when a woman's Fallopian tubes are blocked or when a man produces too few sperm.

 By the way my name is Hannah Bajor I am a certified nurse midwife for over 30 years and I am dedicated to help couples like yourself increase your odds of in vitro fertilization working for you or to help you increase your fertility naturally so you can have the baby your are dreaming of.

 To date over 3 million babies worldwide have been born using vitro fertilization of IVF short. Only 3% of couples with infertility will choose to do IVF. IVF was introduced to the USA over 32 years ago and initially it was called Test Tube Babies.

 During an IVF cycle your infertility specialist will Doctors prescribe specific medication initially it may be pills but most commonly during the actual IVF cycle you will be prescribed a few different medications which you will become a master of self injecting these fertility drugs into your abdomen daily. These fertility drugs force your body to produce and ripen several eggs within that month.

 Once these eggs are mature they will be removed from the ovaries and placed in a dish in the lab along with your partners sperm or donated sperm in some cases for fertilization. The lab specialist is called a reproductive embryologist and he or she will carefully monitor the fertilization of your egg and when fertilization occurs he or she will further monitor the growth of your fertilized egg and if everything is developing normally in about 3 to 5 days after your eggs were removed they will be re inserted into either your womb or fallopian tube, all depends on the type of in vetro fertilization treatment you are undergoing.

 In vitro fertilization is the last resort infertility specialist use to help you get pregnant. It is also expensive running about $12,500 per one month cycle which includes drugs and treatment. Not all insurance companies cover in vitro fertilization and if they do they will cap the amount they will pay out or the number of cycles you can attempt. Some couples are not candidates for in virto fertilization. So if you are listening to me you or a loved one may be struggling to get pregnant and if so please come to my web site where I offer some amazing FREE educational videos to help improve your chances of trying to conceive naturally or improve the success rates of in virto fertilization working for you.


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