How To Get Pregnant Easily - 3 Ways Of Doing So | Video

The top 3 things you should not be doing  that may be sabotage your chances of trying to conceive even when you are wanting to know how to get pregnant easily.

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 As we would say in Ireland Céad Míle Fáilte, you are welcome a thousand times over whoever you are or from wherever you've come. In this video I am going to share with you 3 things you may be doing every month that may be sabotaging your chances of trying to conceive despite the fact you are actively trying, despite the fact that you may be monitoring your ovulation pattern and maybe having sex at the right time.

 The first thing I want to share with you is information about your vaginal ph. Ph means power of hydrogen or in simple terms is something acid or alkaline because you vagina has its own ph system. The state of your health and your hormones determines the ph of your blood, your saliva and your vagina. Vaginal secretions change throughout the month so too does your vaginal ph.

The reason for this is the female body has an innate ability to know when, and WHEN NOT to let sperm into the womb. This is also a woman's natural way to prevent unnecessary sperm or bacteria entering the womb which could cause infections. If your cellular nutritional status is in good shape then your vaginal Ph in the early part of your menstrual cycle is about 3 and a half to 4 and a half which is slightly acidic. An acidic vaginal ph kills sperm and bacteria thereby preventing pelvic infection.

 When you approach the time in your menstrual cycle when you are about to ovulate your vaginal Ph automatically becomes more alkaline changing from the ph value of 3 and a half to 4 and a half to a 7 to an 8 and a half range. A big jump! An alkaline vagina will not kill sperm as an alkaline vagina encourages more sperm to enter your womb when you are most fertile.

 I can tell you in my practice women come to see me complaining of occasionally getting vaginal itching when they get their menstrual period. Some of these women have a bacterial infection but in many cases the burning during the initial days of menstrual bleeding can be due to the ph of your vaginal blood flow, and by nature you menstrual blood is acidic.

 If your body nutritional state is depleted then your vaginal ph may be out of balance making you more prone to getting vaginal bacterial infections on one end or recurrent yeast infections on the other. Eating yogurt on a regular basis helps balance vaginal ph and foods such as lemons and oranges cause a more acidic vagina and should be avoided during the time of the month when you are becoming fertile or fertile.

 When I was trying to get pregnant I did not realize the correlation between fresh orange juice and vaginal ph. Every morning at work I ordered a large cup of delicious freshly squeezed orange juice which was in fact making my vaginal ph acidic and destroying thousands of my husbands sperm.

 The next thing I want to discuss with you that you may be doing on a regular basis that may be destroying the quality of your egg. And that is dying your hair at the wrong time of the month. Now we all want to look good so I am not saying to not dye your hair. Personally the last time I dyed my hair was when I was pregnant with my second son Bryan.

 I can remember that day like it was yesterday because I was in a shopping mall pushing my older son Kyle in a stroller, feeling big, fat and tired. I was 43 at the time and I had some greys not as many as I have now and some woman said to Kyle in the elevator. "Oh grandma is bringing you out for the day" the woman said.

 That was it, I was mortified that she thought I was Kyles grandmother so I went home and immediately died my hair. We as health care professionals are of the opinion that you should not dye your hair during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The reason for this is that the chemicals in hair dye penetrate the skin and circulate within the body.

 A lot of research had been done on hair dye exposure and its affect on pregnancy. Nothing is conclusive that hair dye causes congenital abnormalities. But some research indicates that hair dying during early pregnancy could cause a miscarriage. Other research indicates that dying your hair in early pregnancy can cause and increase risk of childhood cancer while other studies disagree.

 The way I look at it is your egg is precious to you as it is the blue print of your babies genetic structure. Why take any chances. Why expose your babies potential DNA to chemicals. Why take the risk of having a miscarriage or setting your child up for cancer. The creation of your baby happens at the moment your egg is penetrated by the sperm and at that point women do not know they are pregnant.

 So my advice to you is dye your hair during your menstrual blood flow so you are not taking any chances of putting toxic chemicals into your body when you are growing an egg or growing vital baby organs.

So let's move onto the third topic I would like to discuss with you in this video that you may be doing every month that may be sabotaging your chances of trying to conceive and that is not drinking enough water. Every single cell in the body needs water including your egg and his sperm. When a plant is not watered properly it shrivels up and dies. The same goes for many cells within your body.

 A cell that is dehydrated will not perform as good and tends to be smaller in size. Your egg and sperm are complex structures and have many anatomical parts. Growing and releasing "grade A eggs" is critical when you are trying to get pregnant. Keep your eggs hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

 I have read several USA research reports that indicate women who drink unfiltered tap water have an increase risk of having a miscarriage compared to those women who drank filtered or bottled water. So if you are not drinking 8-10 glasses of bottled or filtered water on a daily basis I challenge you this week to make a commitment to yourself to do so. And remember if you are using a filter check to see when you last changed it and write down on the calendar when it needs to be replaced. A hydrated body also help you to produce more vaginal lubrication to help increase your sexual pleasure and help sperm glide quicker from their port of entry to their city of destination the fallopian tube to meet you precious egg.

 In case you have not seen me before my name is midwife Hannah Bajor, founder and CEO of Lumalove. I bridge traditional medical knowledge with energy medicine and I am revolutionizing what "want-to-be-parents" know about how to naturally increase their fertility so they get pregnant faster or increase the success rate of traditional infertility treatments working for them.

 I have over 30 years experience in woman's health and 20 years experience in energy medicine. I am a certified nurse and midwife in both the UK and the USA holding a Masters Degree in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University with a GYN degree from Yale University.

 I am author of books: Birth, A Conscious Choice and Sex Education For Students plus I co-authored an Amazons best seller How Did You Do That with global speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series. I have held major holistic educational programs in the America, Europe, Canada & Asia and have been a keynote speaker at both the USA National Midwifery and the National Advanced Practice Nurse's Conferences.

 I have been blessed to have personally delivered over 2,000 babies but my most important deliveries were my own two boys, delivering them here in my home surrounded by my parents and some of my best friends, because I struggled for ten years to get pregnant. I would love to hear you comments on this video. Like was it useful, did you learn anything or did you know it all the tips I shared.

 As I sign off on this video clip I am re stating my Lumalove commitment to you and that is to provide educational programs that teach you the things you should STOP doing to get pregnant but more importantly to teach you the things you SHOULD be DOING that will actually encourage your body to get pregnant and produce the finest DNA.


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Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Hannah Bajor author, midwife of 30 years, founder and CEO of Lumalove® is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage. Hannah bridges traditional reproductive health and energy medicine to help couples access new and dynamic pre conception and prenatal education. Understanding the energy dynamics of trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth puts couples on a faster track toward a healthier pregnancy. It ultimately also gives their unborn child longstanding benefits that serve him or her well beyond pregnancy. You can read more about Hannah HERE


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