The 5 Fertility Foods To Eat To Get Pregnant | Video

I stumbled across this amazing combination of "fertility foods" that really helped me after trying without success for 11 long years!

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 As we would say in Ireland Céad Míle Fáilte you are welcome a thousand times over whoever you are or from wherever you've come. In this video clip I am going to share with you the TOP 5 fertility foods that are easy to eat and easy to get that when taken regularly they creates a literal tsunami rippling effect throughout your body that NATURALLY increases fertility and quickens the process of trying to conceive.

 The right formula of FERTILITY enhancing vitamins, minerals and foods ACT as a catalyst to balance and synchronize your brain hormones, your thyroid hormone, and your ovarian hormones and will literally ENCOURAGE your body to get pregnant fast. The fact is.. if you are not giving your body the right foods and supplements at the right time your body simply WON'T be capable of conceiving OR receiving a child.

 Here at Lumalove I show people like yourself how to skip years of frustration by helping you to understand that there are literally dozens of internal and external factors that can affect your chances of trying to conceive. So let's get started with the top 5 fertility foods I recommend to all my clients wanting to have a baby. Because I am Irish let's start with number one fertility food which is green in color.

# 1 Fertility Food

When you are trying to get pregnant eating green vegetables or salad every day is a great simple life style change you can make immediately to improve your fertility. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts are all great food to take as they are full of iron and folic acid. Iron and folic acid are needed to allow the cells within your blood to carry oxygen. Your developing egg needs a rich oxygen supply to make it more receptive to been impregnated. Folic acid also helps you baby make new cells and it is the most important vitamin that you need to take in the early weeks of your pregnancy to help your baby grow a healthy brain and spinal cord preventing birth defects.

 #2 Fertility Food

The second fertility food is red and orange in color. Foods rich in beta carotene because are fertility foods because they helps balance your female hormones and helps regulate your menstrual cycle. You will not get pregnant unless you can synchronize the delicate dance between all your female hormones, your brain hormones and your thyroid hormones no matter how hard you are trying. Beta carotene are normally the foods that are strongly colored red or orange. Eating foods high in Beta carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, PLUS green leafy vegetables spinach especially when you are trying to get pregnant helps increases your fertility and helps reduce your risk of having a miscarriage.

  #3 Fertility Food

The number 3 fertility food I recommend to women that are trying to get pregnant are to eat plenty of whole grain foods such as whole grain bread, tortillas, lentils, beans and brown rice because they are rich in iron and vitamin B. Iron as I just stated helps carry oxygen from your lungs to nurture your developing egg. And Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to sterility, miscarriage and low birth weight babies. For example vitamin B2 is used by the liver to clear away old used hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. If your internal organs are lacking vitamins then your liver will not be capable of ridding the body of old used up hormones. These stale hormones are then stored in the body fooling your body into thinking you have enough estrogen and progesterone. This is a hormonal disaster as here you are on one hand trying to get pregnant on the other hand you are sabotaging your chances of conceiving because your body can not distinguish the difference between old and new hormones. So vitamin B foods such as whole grains help excrete old ineffective hormones.

  #4 Fertility Food

 The number 4 food I recommend to couples trying to get pregnant is good old vitamin C foods. Vitamin C has been researched and proven to help men have better swimmers. Vitamin C prevents sperm from clumping or sticking together. Plus Vitamin C foods help sperm have better DNA. Vitamin C actually also improve the quality of your female egg. One study I read showed that women taking the fertility drug got pregnant quicker when they took Vitamin C alongside the fertility drug. Foods high in vitamin C are Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Oranges, Strawberries and Red or Green Hot Chili Peppers. But as I said in a previous video be careful with too much oranges or orange juice just as you approach ovulation as it can make your vaginal ph. more acidic which destroys sperm on contact.

  #5 Fertility Food

And the 5th fertility food I recommend when you are trying to get pregnant are the incredible edible chicken eggs. Eat at least 2 eggs every day as eggs are high in protein which help create healthy cells. and they have lots of minerals which help to improve the nutritional status of your body. Adequate minerals are needed to have a healthy reproductive system to receive and nourish a growing baby. It’s a simple equation: if you're not getting the right foods, the right vitamins and the right minerals at the right time, your body simply won't be capable of conceiving a child.

 For those of you that are listening to me for the first time my name is Hannah Bajor. I was born and raised in the middle of Ireland and I have been living on the east coast of America for over about 25 years. I am a certified nurse and midwife in both the UK and the USA holding a Masters Degree in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University with a GYN degree from Yale University.

 I have over thirty years experience in woman's health where I have personally delivered over two thousand babies and cared for over ten thousand women throughout different stages of their pregnancies. I am author of books: Birth, A Conscious Choice and Sex Education For Students plus I co-authored an Amazons best seller How Did You Do That with global speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.

 I have held major holistic educational programs in the America, Europe, Canada & Asia and have been a keynote speaker at both the USA National Midwifery and the National Advanced Practice Nurse's Conferences.

 If you are not taking the top 5 fertility foods I recommended in this video which are The Greens Foods - The Orange ? Red Foods - The Whole Grain Foods- The Vitamin C Foods and The incredible edible chicken eggs then I challenge you to take on board my advice. Because several small dietary and life style changes increases your ability to conceive and receive a baby. I hope you can see how important these teachings play in helping you get pregnant and stay pregnant?

In fact I now know without a doubt that when you implement downloadable, small multiple changes within your life miracles can happen. I've been called to share my message with "want-to-be-parents" around the world and my message is that trying to conceive and starting a family is possible in most cases no matter what the experts have told you providing you decide to stop doing the things that is stopping you trying to conceive and start doing the things that actually gets you pregnant.

 My biggest hope for you is that if you believe that you are going to be a mother then you need to hold onto that dream and do whatever needs to be done to make sure that you bring a beautiful health baby into your life so you too can experience life's ULTIMATE fulfillment of having your own baby just like I have done.

 Sláinte agus go raibh maith agut. Farewell and thanks.


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