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Simple "10 Commandments To trying to conceive" CREATE a literal tsunami rippling effect throughout your body that NATURALLY increases fertility to get pregnant.

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The 10 Commandments Of trying to conceive.

 Most people break one or more of these commandments thereby making it so much harder than it has to be to get pregnant. Following these 10 commandments to the letter can dramatically increase your chances of trying to conceive FAST!


Commandments #1 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt increase your sperm QUANTITY.

 Latest research says infertility is on the rise and sperm production is declining by 1% annually. Don't make the problem any worse!

 Tip 1: Cell phones carried in your pocket fry your swimmers

 Tip 2: Hot baths, saunas and Jacuzzis boil your sperm

Commandments #2 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt improve your sperm QUALITY.

 Men produce 12,000,000,000 sperm monthly, release 300,000,000 sperm per ejaculate but only 200 to 300 will reach the egg. That ain't great odds so make sure your swimmers are the highest quality possible!

 Tip 3: Ginseng 100 – 200 mg 3 times a day improves sperm formation and male potency.

Tip 4: Take an antioxidant supplement daily to improve sperm DNA and rid the body of toxins.

Commandments #3 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt NOT KILL sperm.

 Men are sensitive in one area and that is their sperm! Heat, friction and lubricating products cause sperm to self destruct and die within 30 minutes.

 Tip 5: Stop using lubricants. They kill his sperm on contact no matter what it says on the package.

 Tip 6: Keep all types of “vibrating devices” away from his manhood. They can heat and destroy sperm.

Commandments #4 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt NOT BURN his sperm.

The female reproductive funnel naturally becomes alkaline during mid cycle to protect and nurture the sperm. When you have an acidic body pH, his sperm burn and die on contact!

 Tip 7: Stop the lemons, limes and oranges. Acidic fruits and juices contribute to making "down there" a more hostile and acidic environment for his sperm.

 Tip 8: Eat more green foods to help raise your alkaline level.

 Commandments #5 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt BALANCE your reproductive hormones.

 Synchronize the delicate monthly dance between your brain hormones, your thyroid hormones and your ovarian hormones. If you're not getting the right vitamins and minerals at the right time, those levels will be out of balance and your body simply won't be capable of conceiving a child.

 Tip 9: Take Vitamins A, B & C supplements. All work together to improve female fertility.

Tip 10: Try to reduce stress and get a good night's sleep. This will improve your hormone production.

Commandments #6 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt not SABOTAGE fertilization.

 Alcohol, cigarettes, substance, chemical abuse, and dehydration are major reasons for unbalanced hormones, poor quality eggs and infertility.

 Tip 11: Cut back on the cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol.

Tip 12: Drink more water to help lubricate your reproductive machine.

Commandments #7 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shalt get yourselves CHECKED.

 Sexually transmitted diseases can cause infertility if left undiagnosed and unchecked. And guess what, many of them have no symptoms. Get yourselves checked out and you're one step closer to trying to conceive.

 Tip 13: Go have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) screen ASAP.

 Tip 14: If you're positive for one it's not the end of the world. Just make sure you get professional medical advice and treatment.

 Commandments #8 Of trying to conceive

Though shalt not PROCRASTINATE.

 Every woman only has a fixed supply of eggs. And every month you lose 700 - 1,000 of them. The longer you wait, the smaller your chances become of actually trying to conceive and the higher the risk of genetic abnormalities and anomalies.

Tip 15: Your biological clock is ticking, don't put off having a baby until it is too late.

Tip 16: Daily folic acid supplementation also prevents miscarriage and reduces by 70% your baby’s chances of spinal and brain defects.

 Commandments #9 Of trying to conceive

Thou shalt NEVER give up hope.

 Infertility is a serious medical condition affecting 7,300,000 women in the USA alone, but there are plenty of available infertility treatments out there that can help reverse your symptoms and get you pregnant.

 Tip 17: Make smart choices before you run out of time, eggs & insurance coverage.

 Tip 18: Simple lifestyle changes can be the magic key to encouraging your body to get pregnant.

Commandments #10 Of trying to conceive

 Thou shall no longer live in SECRECY.

 Millions of women keep their infertility under wraps, leaving them alone, in pain, and often uninformed of their options.

 Tip 19: It's time for infertility to come out of the closet. Speak up and share your story.

Tip 20: If you've been trying for more than a year, it's time to seek help. Take some positive action and improve your situation today.

 Hope you have enjoyed my 10 commandments for trying to conceive. My name is Hannah Bajor a certified nurse midwife with over 30 years experience helping women get pregnant and I have personally delivered over 2,000 babies. Learn how you can skyrocket your chances of trying to conceive faster and easier than you ever though possible.  


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