1 On 1 Quick Phone Chat With Midwife Hannah Bajor

Are you looking to have a quick question answered by an authentic professional certified nurse- midwife energetic healing expert? 

Why Charge? Well would you expect to have your Doctor call you, discuss intimate concerns, spend 15 minutes of his or her time on the phone with you and not get charge? Would you be willing to spend several blocks of 15 minutes on the phone answering professional questions from people you do not know every week and not get paid?  Unfortunately this is the reality of the times we live in. Time is precious to all of us as we all wear so many hats throughout a given day...

  Long distant energy healingI get many emails from women wanting to ask me questions or wanting to share their personal struggles to get pregnant. Many times I get around to answering some of them. But, there is no way I can answer them all or I would be on the computer all day responding to people. My life is busy juggling my traditional midwifery job, my kids and working an online business. Therefore I have created this Quick Chat Phone Consultation to help answer questions women may have and they do not want to invest in an 90 minute 1 On 1 Phone Consultation with me. They want to check me out before committing to a full session.

So why do people think energy medicine practitioners are any different? Holistic energy medicine practitioners have the ability to get to the core route of your problems. I bridge both worlds, as many times your medical condition needs to be managed temporarily or long term, combining holistic and traditional therapies so you can cure or live a productive life as you age.

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