Lumalove trying to conceive Formula

Who does the Lumalove trying to conceive Formula® work for?

Probably YOU...

Authentic professional education for literally every unique trying to conceive situation, regardless of how long you have been trying!  

Fact #1

 As a midwife the most frequent problem I see is that women who are having trouble trying to conceive think they understand their bodies, but in reality very few do.

Fact #2

 Very few really understand that there are literally dozens of internal and external factors that can affect their ovulation patterns in positive and negative ways.

Fact #3

 If you are not aware of what they are, you may NOT be ovulating when you think you are - which means you may be missing your narrow window of opportunity each month.

 Or worse -- you may NOT be ovulating at all and not even know it. Your partner may not even know that he may be making himself infertile! So yes, trying to conceive is a journey that both partners have to take responsibility for. It takes two to tango! There are many gaps that have to be filled in what both men and women know about how to get pregnant. My Lumalove trying to conceive Formula fills in all of those gaps. Discover gaps in your reproductive health education with my formula and quickly fill them in!


Energy Dynamics of trying to conceive

Infertility - trying to conceive Pregnancy - Miscarriage Private Consultations!You must have a baby contract to get pregnant! A spirit must pre-selected you to be his/her mother out of all the women in the world to be his or her mother before a pregnancy can happen! Many times baby contracts aren’t awakened or activated. This program helps you to energetically meet the spirit of the baby who has preselected YOU and is WAITING FOR YOU.

Learn why your eggs, your partner’s sperm and both your energies need to be aligned with the lighter energy of your baby-to-be! Energy on this planet has shifted away from being heavier. Babies now come into this world carrying with them lighter energy.

Learn how to align you and your partner’s energies with the energy of your baby that is calling out to you from the universe.

Learn reasons why baby contracts aren’t activated and what you can do to create or activate a baby contract, so you can one day soon be that mother your are dreaming of.

Learn how to perform a self-assessment of each of your 7 chakras. Chakras are deeper energy vortexes in your body. All chakras need to be vibrating and in harmony with each other in order for you to have a better pregnancy outcome.

Learn what conditions drain your energy and what you can do to repair your energy!

Lumalove Baby Making Vitamin To Get Pregnant Formula®


Cost Of My Lumalove trying to conceive Formula® Benchmark Program. Only $247 for the complete 
		Lumalove trying to conceive Formula® Educational Program. Save precious time and precious  eggs with my program. 
		PLUS – It comes with my 30 days money back guarantee. This program is NOT for YOU if you are not really serious about 
		clearing the way to bring your precious baby into your life. Cost Of  Straight Forward Uncomplicated IVF. $12,500 approx. 
		for just One Cycle. $24,000 for 2 rounds. Many couples are here --- >  $36,500 for 3 rounds. $64,000 for 4 rounds. $62,500 for 5 rounds. 
		I've actually had a few couples get pregnant combining my program on their 6th round of IVF. Most couples attempt a few cycles of IUI before
		 acceptance into an IVF program. One round of IUI runs $600 - $3,000 depends on whether or not you  choose to use traditional infertility
		  medication to hyper stimulate ovulation.

Bonuls number one with the Lumalove trying to conceive Formula   Bonus number two with the Lumalove trying to conceive Formula.   Bonus number three with the Lumalove trying to conceive Formula.
Includes the vitamins to take to get pregnant program. Includes the vitamins to take to get pregnant program. trying to conceive pre conception mediatation.

Compliance is key to success with the Lumalove trying to conceive Formula® We Give You Serious Time, Money and Egg Savings!


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