Remote Energy Healing | Chakra Energy Healing


 Remote energetic healing also known as  chakra clearing and rebalancing can be done remotely over the phone and works on all medical conditions, physical mental  emotional or spiritual.


 We are energetic beings housed in a physical construct. Every person place and thing we interact with consciously or not can energize you or leave you feeling stress, tired, worn out or exhausted.


  Having a remote energy healing creates a chakra energy healing leaving you feel empowered, refreshed and re charged. It also helps you recover quicker after a loss or surgery of any kind.

Midwife Hannah Bajor Chakra balancing expertLike all things within our universe, there are different grades of the same product and not surprisingly, remote energetic healing also comes in different amplifications. The level of healing an energetic healer transfers directly reflects the amount of personal issues he or she has processed, the amount of light he or she carries and what healing contracts the healer holds...  I have trained very hard for many years to be able to say "I am excellent at what I do"! 

Disturbed Energy Field Is An Official Nursing Diagnosis! Who better to care for you is someone like myself that holds a masters degree in the science of nursing.


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