BBT Your Eggs are Precious, Priceless and Limited!

Have Hannah Review 3-6 months of your BBT Records

Don’t WASTE Anymore EGGS!

learn when you are most  fertile

pinpoint the best time to have sex

  Get a private, confidential Personalized Evaluation of your basal body temperature BBT ovulation pattern. I will evaluate and interpret your unique ovulation pattern to MAKE SURE that you are Doing the Right Things to Get Pregnant Fast! In this 30 minutes 1-on-1 phone session, I will read, evaluate and advise you on 3 to 6 months of your Basal Body Temperature BBT Charting! Variations in Basal Body Temperature BBT need to be justified so that you know what daily routines impact your Basal Body Temperature BBT. If your Basal Body Temperature BBT is changed so too will the moment of ovulation, changing and moving your window of opportunity to get pregnant.

BBT information7 Mistakes women make when trying to get pregnant!

#1 They rely on ONLY ONE method of ovulation monitoring!
#2 Have sex at the WRONG time of the month!
#3 Misread their BBT recordings!
#4 Just don't know how to accurately use a BBT Chart!
#5 Make fatal errors in recording their Basal Body Temperature!
#6 Don’t know what to do with variations in Basal Body Temperature!
#7 Don’t know how to correlate one month's Basal Body Temperature Charting to another!

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