Opening Your Third Eye - 6th Chakra Meditation

Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation

The 6th Chakra also known as the "Crown Chakra" or the "3rd Eye Chakra" governs the structures within your head, your dreams and your intuition.




 Would you say no to feeling better? If not then this 6th chakra, third eye chakra meditation CD can help you see the bigger picture of life and allow you to use your intuition with a little more certainty.  This guided visualization CD is channeled through me to help you take a chariot ride into the castle of higher existence to anchor higher more powerful aspects of your complete existence into your conscious mind to help remind you or your power and your purpose in life. Venture deep within and realign, re-balance and promote energy healing of your 6th Chakra - Third Eye Chakra, just click on the add to cart button and immediately access the CD. To become more conscious of who you are and what power you hold click on the button below.

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