4 Step IVF Infertility Treatment Success Boosting Meditations

4 Step IVF Boosting Meditation

This 4 Step IVF Infertility Treatment Success Boosting CD contains 4 separate CD's to help boost your IVF success rate.

 Traditional reproductive endocrinologists specializing in infertility have great knowledge of the human anatomy and the patterns of female hormones. They are experts within this traditional medical field of reproductive endocrinology. However many of them lack the knowledge base when it comes to energy medicine and the non-physical reasons behind infertility. One of the major causes of failed traditional infertility treatment is a lack of a baby contract on behalf of the mother. I say mother as it is the mother-to-be that pulls in the baby regardless of the reason for infertility.


IVFReproductive endocrinologists are special people working not only at a human level, but they are contracted by God to use their medical expertise to help facilitate the entrance of highly evolved spiritual beings onto this planet.  After years of intensive study into energy medicine and the energetic dynamics of the human body, I now realize unsolved emotional issues play a major part in most medical conditions including infertility and failed IVF cycles.

Healing emotional traumas can result in improved health, sometimes completely resolving the medical problem at hand including infertility. No matter what our background is and no matter what efforts we make to become pregnant, you as a spiritual being must have a baby contract to get pregnant and your physical body must have a positive energy flow to the pelvic area to sustain a viable pregnancy.

All 4 CD's are unique meditations that have been channeled through me as a midwife that have the ability to anchor birth energy.

Each meditation holds a specific energy vibration that is needed by a mother-in-waiting to boost her life force energy and shift her hormones during the 4 critical junctures of IVF treatment. - Egg Retrieval - Egg Harvesting - Waiting Period From Retrieval To Transfer - Embryo Transfer.

Each CD emanates specific energy vibration that is part of the blue print necessary to awaken or strengthen baby contracts for women undergoing any form of IVF.

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