Blocked Root Chakra Healing

 1st Chakra | First Chakra | Blocked Root Chakra Healing Meditation mp3

Are you feeling drained, burned out, have lower back pain, digestive or financial issues. If so this first chakra rebalancing meditation is for you.




 The energy on the planet is changing. Our vibrational frequency is changing. This change in our energy construct can create an underactive root chakra or an overactive root chakra. This results in a blocked root chakra. If not balanced you become ill.

When was the last time you took a break from the world and stop people draining your energy? You can right now with this 1st chakra, root chakra healing meditation. This downloadable root chakra healing meditation has been encoded with an energy transmission specific to the tone and vibration of healing 1st chakra imbalances.

This blocked root chakra healing download is an exceptionally powerful, deeply relaxing and balancing experience. This First Chakra healing meditation strengthens your energy field and is suitable for balancing either an underactive root chakra or an overactive root chakra.

As our vibrational frequency elevates guess what, we are all becoming much more sensitive to the aura and energy of those around us. This can be a plus or a negative. The more sensitive we become the more unbalanced we can feel. Make an investment in your health. Make an investment in having something you can listen to over and over again that will make life a little less crazy for you. 

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