Miscarriage Recovery is NOT Always Easy

25% of Pregnancy end in a miscarriage. 100% of WOMEN are left feeing some sense of loss, sadness, shame, blame, guilt or DEVISTATION.

Miscarriage recovery Looking at the issues of spontaneous miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy, all events were pre-planned by the spirit prior to entry into this physical world. The incoming spirit is fully conscious of the social and medical background of the mother. Knowing the incoming spirit was a co-writer in scripting his or her life book in partnership with the two individuals that would facilitate conception does not make miscarriage recovery any easier.
One of the major reasons for any one of us coming into this physical world is to experience raw human emotions.

The spirit chooses the date and time of conception, miscarriage and or death. There is no such thing as an accidental miscarriage or death, all deaths from a higher picture are pre destined.Death occurs when our contracted time on this planet expires. Our exit plan will play out when God agrees with our spiritual body, our soul body and our physical body that it is time to depart.

 Recent changes in planetary energy have allowed some individuals to stay in physical form after their contracted exit date. This occurs when that individual agrees with God to take on a new spiritual contract and to serve humanity at a deeper level. I know from personal experience this knowingness does not make miscarriage recovery any easier but it can quicken the recovery time.

No woman ever thinks about miscarriage until it happens to her.

No woman ever knows what to do when she has a miscarriage.

No woman ever knows how to cope when she has a miscarriage.

 No woman ever knows what to say when she has a miscarriage.

trying to conceive after a miscarriage can be scarey.

Babies that choose to exit early in pregnancy fit into TWO categories.

1They may be very evolved spiritual beings who can master a huge array of human emotions within a few weeks or months. In this case there is no need for them to prolong their existence within this physical world.

2The second category is the high vibrational beings that want to become physical but for some reason they need a trial run. Coming into physical form is a challenging event even for the spirit. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt. In such situations the spirit can reenter the mother, or perhaps someone else, at a later date. Learn more about the types of miscarriages.

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