Chakra Energy Healing No Joke It’s a Real Nursing Treatment

Disturbed energy field is an official nursing diagnosis! Get to the core of your issue via a professional remote chakra energy healing - 30 years’ experience as a nurse and midwife.

 The human aura and 7 chakra centers can be photographed by special Kirlian photography which reads the color of the electrical energy you discharge from your body in the form of electrophotography.

The human 7 chakra system

7 Chakras

Huma chara system

Special energy centers exist within the subtle bodies of the human energy system. These centers are referred to as " 7 chakras" from the Sanskrit word meaning, "wheels”.

They resemble spinning vortices of subtle energies. At the moment our human energy system has seven major chakras accompanied with many minor chakras. The seven major chakras run from the base of the spine to the top of the head, supplying the body with life force energy.

human aura

Human chakra system

 Our seven major chakra system plays a major part in keeping all our organs and bodily systems in good working order. In fact, we get more physical energy from our aura and seven chakra systems than from the food we eat. The human experience can be quite challenging. On a daily basis we are exposed to various situations that overstress and overload our energy system.

 This can cause our chakra system to short circuit and as a result, we become unbalanced or ill. The good news is that our aura and chakra systems can easily be tuned into higher vibrational states eliminating stress and promoting healing.

Aura and chakra tune-ups can be achieved in a variety of ways. It can be as simple as finding ways to create relaxation and enjoyment in your life. For more serious chronic states of imbalance within the body, one can practice meditation, yoga, martial arts, Reiki, etc. Any of the healing modalities that work directly on the energetic anatomy of the body will do wonders in creating and maintaining a state of balance and health.

7 chakra system meditationLike all things within our universe, there are different grades of the same product and not surprisingly, chakra energy healing also comes in different amplifications. The level of healing an energetic healer transfers directly reflects the amount of personal issues he or she has processed, and what healing contracts the healer holds. Essential oils are also a safe and effective method used for a multitude of medical and emotional conditions with successful results. Children respond very quickly to the aromas of these oils. There are many brands of essential oils on the market although the quality of oil can vary from one company to another. When choosing oils, please ensure they are Grade “A” oils. Each chakra has a specific location, color and function. In a state of optimum health all chakras will work in harmony as one functioning unit. In the state of ill health, one malfunctioning chakra can affect the health of another chakra.

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever thought about a person and suddenly the phone rings or they show up to see you?

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever been thinking of something and the person with you says exactly what you were thinking?

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever gone somewhere and met someone who ended up being a significant person in your life?

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever met someone and you had an immediate sense that you met them before?

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever thought or longed for a particular food or item and suddenly someone offered it to you as a gift?

One On One Private Consultation With Midwife Hannah 

Have you ever had a funny feeling inside not to do something or go somewhere and you ignored this feeling and something bad happened?

If you answered YES to any of the above then you have demonstrated you too have psychic abilities.

Balancing the 7 chakra systemMany people are afraid of the word psychic and might call it intuition, gut feeling, sixth sense, premonition or even deja-vu to describe these situations. It does not matter what you call them. This is PROOF that we are amazing human beings with incredible spirits that can do amazing things if we want to, including self healing. It does not matter who you are, where you come from or the color of your skin, your likes, your dislikes. You are like every other human being on this planet and have deep within yourself the ability to connect with every cell of your body in order to create self healing and realign your 7 chakra system. Almost everyone at the end of a distant healing session loves me and I will nourish you, be the catalyst that has you uncover and move through your blocks to increase your chances of trying to conceive. NOW you might be like many people and be skeptical about this emotional stuff and fearful of energy healers and psychics, asking is this witchcraft or voodoo or some sort of religion?

The answer is NO!

We are ordinary people just like you who have invested time and money into being trained in the art of remote healing with energy. When you are struggling to self heal a particular issue in your life your chakra system and the aura energy surrounding your body is heavy and does not flow smoothly! Are you struggling with work, relationships, family members, money, etc. and would like some remote healing to realign and rebalance your chakras, aura and life force so you can jump start your own healing process?

  • Have you experienced childhood traumas of abuse and to this day it still bothers you?
  • Are you sick and tired of having distance healing sessions in the past and you still feel stuck?
  • Are you feeling alone in this world or feeling depressed and feel a phone healing would help you a lot?
  • Are you struggling with a pregnancy related issue, such as a miscarriage, a termination of pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, adoption, trying to conceive, infertility, post partum depression?


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