Signs Of Early Pregnancy Detailed Notes In Simple Order

You are an amazing Pregnancy Machine  as such it is important to know what is normal and what is not. Signs of early pregnancy differ from one woman to another and one pregnancy to another. Women are amazing beings to bring life forth onto this planet.

Many women surf on line for signs of early pregnancy when they suspect or want to confirm what they are experiencing are normal. Signs of early pregnancy are different than symptoms. Symptoms of early pregnancy are actually what you feel where as signs of early pregnancy are hard core evidence of body changes that occur during pregnancy.

 Missing your menstrual period accompanied by any of the following signs or symptoms could indicate you may be pregnant:
  • Sudden onset of tiredness
  •  Sudden onset of mood swings.
  • A dislike for some of you favorite foods
  • A sudden craving for foods you normally would not eat.
  • Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night been hungry
  • Enlarging tender breasts.
  • The brown part around your nipple becomes darker and bumpier.
  • Nausea or vomiting first thing in the morning and it could last a few hours.
  • Sudden onset of gagging or vomiting when you brush your teeth first thing in the morning.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom not accompanied by pain or burning on urination.
  • Menstrual like cramps but no menses is coming.
  • Weight gain Increase appetite Bloating of your belly.
  • Sudden onset of headaches Brown pigmentation of your face.
  • The development of a brown line in the center of your belly extending from your pubic bone up towards your belly button.
  • Distension of your belly. Women are amazing beings that have the possibility to bring life forth onto this planet.
 Signs of early pregnancy differ from one woman to another and differ from one pregnancy to another.

Some women know the exact moment they conceived while others fail to realize they are pregnant until they are told by a health care provider or someone else ask the “are you pregnant” question. Pregnancy ushers in a huge influx of female hormone to grow and incubate your baby. This hormonal surge can be a shock to your system and it accounts for the many signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.

The more I have studied signs of early pregnant in women over my 30 year midwifery career, the more I have questioned why is pregnancy easier for some and more challenging for others. It was not until I personally experienced pregnancy three times that I gained a deeper understanding into the signs and symptoms of pregnancy from a nontraditional point of view.

I have discovered that pregnancy is not only a physical, emotional and spiritual experience BUT it has a huge energetic construct to it. From the moment of conception your life force energy, your aura, your chakra energy is not longer yours.

You as this female incubator on load to your baby for the next nine months has to adjust energetically to the feel or the vibration of the incoming spirit of your child. If you fail to match your baby’s vibration energy then your pregnancy is doomed to be very symptomatic and sets you up for a miscarriage or pre term birth.

Adjusting to your baby’s energy can be challenging and the reason for this is that the babies coming into this world are of a higher consciousness and higher vibration frequency than us. The higher evolved you are spiritually the higher consciousness soul you will be contract to bring forth.

We as moms-to-be need to have a new parenting skill and that is to understand energy and understand how to flow energy from the essence of our being to our little ones inside and outside the womb. Before we can deliberately flow positive calming energy to anyone we need to learn how to balance and center ourselves.

Finding ways to balance your life force energy during pregnancy will help you reduce pregnancy symptoms, reduce pregnancy complications, prevent miscarriage and pre term birth. The incoming spirit of your little one has chosen you out of all the women in the world for some particular reason. The deeper you connect, the deeper you bond the easier your parenting experience will be. Learn to balance your pregnancy energy. Read More... 


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