Second Trimester Of Pregnancy Setting The Stage For Birth

You are an amazing Pregnancy Machine  as such the second trimester of pregnancy can be symptomatic and can be a time when pregnancy complications show up. Learn what is normal and what is not.

Pregnancy is divided into three different trimesters:
  1. The first trimester of pregnancy is from conception through the end of the 12 week.

  2. The second trimester starts from 13 weeks through the end of the 27th week

  3. The third trimester of pregnancy extends from 28 weeks until delivery

At 13 weeks of pregnancy the top of your womb will be at your pubic bone and by the time you reach 20 weeks your womb will be at the level of your belly button and by the time you completer your second trimester of pregnancy it will be at half way from your belly button to the bottom of your ribs.

The second trimester of pregnancy is a time of tremendous growth for you little one, as such he or she will require an increase in nutrition absorption from you, through the placenta.

The placenta is also a living new organ you are growing along with your baby. The function of the placenta is to transfer nutrients, blood, baby growth hormones from your circulation to your little one. The placenta is also used to filter back used up waste products from your growing baby into your blood system to be excreted by you in your urine or feces. This is why it is extremely important for you to eat a good healthy diet and take adequate vitamins, minerals and antioxidants during the second trimester of pregnancy.

 No two pregnancies are alike.  No two women are alike, but during different stages of your pregnancy many women experience similar symptoms.

 During the second trimester of pregnancy you may experience some positive pregnancy experiences such as:
  • Resolution or a reduction of morning sickness.
  • Increase in your own physical energy.
  • Finding out the sex of your baby from an anatomy ultrasound done anywhere from 18 weeks onwards.
  • Increase in bonding with your baby
  • Physical demonstration to the world that you have now joined the elite group of women on the planet that are pregnant. You can now walk comfortable into the maternity section of stores and shop until you find the perfect.
 On the down side during the second trimester of pregnancy you may experience any of the following symptoms:
  • An excess in weight gain and this itself is challenge on your system. It is my observation in recent obstetrical care that many women are starting pregnancy overweight to some degree and it is challenging for most women to keep within the normal pregnancy weight gain guidelines.

  • You may start to experience symptoms such as constipation, heartburn and back pain.

 You are the human incubator and as such you need to make sure the physical vessel that housed your sacred organ call the womb is in tip top shape.

If you have not already done a baseline prenatal blood draw to ensure you do not have any unknown medical condition or diseases please do so. At about 16 weeks of pregnancy you will have part two or a complete blood screening test to identify if you are at risk of having a congenital abnormality such as spina bifida, down's syndrome etc.

16 weeks is also the ideal time to have an amniocentesis test if it is indicated or desired to check the DNA of your baby for normality. This is the one test in pregnancy that I advise all my clients to make sure they get the results in a timely manner, because no matter how good your OBGYN provider is sometimes lab results go missing. An abnormal 2nd trimester screen or amnio results need to be addressed immediately so an action plan can be set in motion.

The optimal time for a second trimester ultrasound is anywhere between 18 to 20 weeks. This is the ultrasound that you may find out if you are having a boy or girl providing your little one is accommodating to staying still for the ultrasound technician to see all the baby parts.

Somewhere during the latter part of the second trimester of pregnancy you will be tested for gestational or pregnancy diabetic because pregnancy is a challenging condition on every organ of your body and some women are more challenged than others.

Your health and your babies growth during the second trimester of pregnancy sets the stage for the outcome of your pregnancy and goes a long way to set in motion good internal nutrition which can prevent a lot of pregnancy complications.

The most important piece of advice that I could give you during your second trimester of pregnancy is to bond, connect and communicate as much as you can with this incredible being that has chosen you out of all the mothers in the world to be his or mother. Enjoy your pregnancy, become very informed, because the more informed you are the better choices you are going to make. The better choices you make in your pregnancy then the probability is that you are going to have healthier baby and you feel better about your pregnancy experience. Learn More...  


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