Male Newborn Circumcision - To Be Or Not To Be

Male newborn circumcision is a question every woman is asked in labor therefore if you are having a male baby you need to know these newborn circumcision facts!

 I hope anyone who is reading this article and trying to get pregnant, is pregnant or knows someone that is pregnant doesn’t miss this article. Today most pregnant women discover the sex of their baby through prenatal ultrasounds or through genetic testing via amniocentesis. However, a routine question every woman within the USA will be asked while she is in labor is - "if your baby is a male infant, do you want him to be or not to be circumcised?”

This is the one question I dreaded asking when I was working as a nurse during labor and delivery, because the answer the mothers would usually give was one of the following five:
  1.  No, because I’m having a girl. (I was always relieved with this one!)
  2.  No!
  3.  Yes!
  4.  I am not sure!
  5.  What is circumcision because many women from other countries have not heard of circumcision?

In this article I offer my opinion on this question, alongside important facts and an account of what the circumcision process is like that every mother should know. The Question and the Chaos Informed Consent?

This was a challenging topic for me because of my personal opinion on the matter and because as a nurse I was supposed to "routinely inform parents of the health benefits and risks of male newborn circumcision in an unbiased and accurate manner."

This is an impossibility when you are doing 101 things all at the same time when admitting a woman into labor and delivery.

 First we need to confirm the clients’ identification, take a long history, assess her status in labor, assess the status of her unborn child, take her vital signs, start an intravenous infusion, draw blood, start fetal monitoring, manage her pain, answer her, her partner’s and family’s questions, and on top of this, we are managing others patients in labor at the same time…

So where is the time to educate the mother about male newborn circumcision when she is giving birth in "an unbiased and accurate manner"?

This should be done by her pregnancy care provider during the prenatal period. I cannot blame them either if they forget to discuss the issue with their clients as they are overworked themselves, trying to see more patients to meet the increase in malpractice and overhead, and the reduction in insurance payout per visit.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but behind the scene in every practice and every hospital it is all about crunching numbers. This is why we as women need to become self-educated so we can make more informed decisions for ourselves and our newborn babies.

My Opinion As you get to know me, you will realize I sugarcoat NOTHING. I am upfront and honest. Some things I am a little more verbal about than others and the topic of male newborn circumcision is one of these topics I am a little "hot under the hood" about.

Personally I think male newborn circumcision is a disturbing act of violence because it amputates the skin covering the top of a newborn baby’s penis.

Many times it is done without giving this helpless baby any pain relief. Why no pain relief? Because the prevailing thought is that it will only hurt for a minute and the baby will not remember and will “get over it”.

Some worry though that the baby will have a negative reaction to the pain relief. But, think about it. Without any numbing gel or pain relief, what would it be like if I was to put your husband's penis on a chopping board, tightly pinch his foreskin with a metal clamp and then slice off his foreskin with a sharp blade? Would he feel it? Would he be traumatized by it? Would he be in pain? Would it burn when he passed urine?

 I know the answer would be Yes! across the board.

And this is what we do to innocent male newborn babies every day. When I worked a newborn nursery I had no choice but to listen to the screams of these little ones when their foreskin was amputated.

Male newborn circumcision is horrific to watch because the babies are placed on their backs onto a board with their legs and arms strapped down. Their genital areas are scrubbed and covered with antiseptic. The foreskin is torn away from his glands and split lengthwise so that the circumcision instrument can be inserted. Then the foreskin is cut off; the whole process completed without any pain relief.

Just the memory of hearing these little babies scream makes me cringe. Luckily for me, my colleagues knew how I felt during newborn circumcisions so they would swap jobs with me when the circumcising physician needed assistance.

 Mothers were never allowed to be with their newborns during the circumcisions because if they actually saw how barbaric the process was, they might just stop it and the physician or hospital would not get paid.

Like everything else many procedures are done for revenue generating for doctors and hospitals. The good news is that now hospitals are mandated to use numbing gel on babies when circumcisions are done. But I wonder how much emotional or sexual trauma we have cause the men in our society that were circumcised without pain ??? I also wonder about the pain these newborn male feels for days after a circumcision ??? Click BELOW to write comments on my blog about male newborn circumcision.  



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