Morning Sickness Cures And Remedies You Should Know

You are an amazing Pregnancy Machine  as such morning sickness can be so awful that it can make you feel you are going to die. The only good thing about it is knowing you producing good pregnancy hormones.

morning sickness
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Morning Sickness Cures And Remedies You Should Know About

Pregnancy morning sickness affects about 50% of pregnant women. Read on for tips on morning sickness cures and remedies for making pregnancy a little easier for you and your baby.

 What is morning sickness?

It is a feeling of sickness within your stomach the first thing in the morning when you are pregnant. Most cases starts very early in pregnancy. For some women it can start as soon as pregnancy occurs. It can last from a few hours first thing in the morning to all day.

Some pregnant women do not get morning sickness until mid-morning.

Usually it will end by about the 12th or 16th week of pregnancy. Unfortunately for some women it can persist throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes you feel so sick to your stomach that you feel like you have to throw up. You may spend a while with your head over a vomit bowel and nothing comes out except you are retching like hell.

For other pregnant women they actually do throw up.

Some women cannot hold down any food at all during the first trimester of pregnancy. What causes morning sickness? Up until I experienced my own pregnancies, I was always taught and believed that morning sickness was either hormonal or physiological in nature. I now know differently. I know the hormonal surges cause nausea but I have my own theory as to why some women are more nauseated than others and I would like to share this with you.

 Looking at the bigger picture, pregnancy has an energetic component.

As an energy healer I had the ability to go within and understand pregnancy from a deeper prospective. The energetic makeup or feel of the incoming spirit (your baby) may be very different from that of the mother’s. This then creates an imbalance between the mother’s and the baby’s energetic patterns and this in itself can literally make the mother physically sick.

Morning sickness remedies have helped many pregnant women from feeling so awful during the first few weeks or months of pregnancy. It could be likened to this analogy. For a moment think of someone that makes you uncomfortable when they are in your presence. Now pretend to put that person inside your body twenty-four hours a day for a few months and imagine what it would feel like.

No wonder pregnant women feel sick and have morning sickness! On the other hand, some women have greater compatibility with the incoming spirit and for them, pregnancy is easier to handle.


 Here are some cures and remedies for morning sickness that my clients have tried over the years so see which ones work for you:

• Eat a few plain dry crackers 10-15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning.

• Avoid excessive toothpaste use first thing in the morning.

 • Eat small amount of food at a time.

• Don’t mix liquids with solid foods.

• Keep away from strong smells such as perfumes during early pregnancy.

• Sleep if you can until the morning sickness passes.

• Avoid over crowded warm places.

• Sniff fresh lemons or ginger in early pregnancy, essential oils can be used as a substitute.

• Drink soda water, lemonade, ginger ale or watermelon as they may help.

• Salty potato chips or salted crackers may be helpful.

• Have a homeopathy consultation for your pregnancy symptoms. Using acupressure pregnancy safe adjustable wrist bands has been a very effective as a morning sickness cure for many pregnant women.

• Try some pregnancy lollipops specifically designed for pregnant women to relieve nausea.

• Purchase a pregnancy relaxation CD to effectively communicate with your unborn child to make the energetic adjustment necessary for a more harmonious connection between the spirit of your incoming you baby and you.

• Many times Vitamin B-6, 50 micrograms, twice a day helps.

Having said all of this morning sickness can be totally exhausting and take the joy away from your pregnancy.  If this is your situation, then I urge you to get some help from an energy healer that can help you have an easier pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an extraordinary experience for a woman. It is far more than growing a baby and dealing with issues like morning sickness. Pregnancy has a huge emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic side to it. The more you understand these aspects, the easier and less symptomatic your pregnancy will be.

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