Ectopic Pregnancy Can Cause Early Pregnancy Death

Ectopic pregnancy what you should know about early pregnancy complications that could save your life!


In the USA 2% of all pregnancies has been reported to be an ectopic pregnancy ) an average of 4000 pregnant woman annually). This data could be higher if not all physician reported their pregnancy outcome statistics properly. It is documented that ectopic pregnancy accounted for 9% of all USA pregnancy-related deaths. This is why we as women need to be informed about early pregnancy signs and symptoms so we can make more informed smarted choices and know when to see medical help.

Under a normal situation conception where the sperm penetrates the female egg the entire process occurs within the fallopian tubes. Once fertilized it takes about 10-14 days for this fertilized ovum to swim from the fallopian tube into the womb.

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the lining of the womb such as the fallopian tube, the abdomen, the cervix etc. 95% of all ectopic pregnancies occur within the fallopian tube. An ectopic pregnancy is life threatening and is a very scared condition.

Ectopic pregnancy is very serious because women die from ectopic regencies if not diagnosed and managed very quickly. One out of every 2000 women that experience and an ectopic pregnancy will die because of hemorrhage.

Ectopic pregnancies can be silent meaning no symptoms until they rupture or burst. She may or may not know she is pregnant. She may or may not have pregnancy symptoms. She is indeed pregnant with a growing baby, will produce all the same hormones but the only problem is that the pregnancy is not growing in the right place.

If the baby is growing in the fallopian tube the tube can only expand a certain amount normally to the size of a 6 week fetus. After this the developing baby can no longer survive expand within the fallopian tube because the fallopian tube is not big enough. The fallopian tube will eventually burst with an ectopic pregnancy within the tube. When it does it rips major pelvic arteries causing severe internal hemorrhage, shock and sometime death.

Sometimes you may be lucky to have symptoms such as abdominal pain or pain on intercourse. This pain can occur out of nowhere. The pain will be severe and constant. You might even notice that when you have intercourse it could even hurt you. If you are pregnant and you start getting pain please go and see your primary care provider so you can have an ultrasound done and we can locate where your pregnancy is.

I have seen on several occasion women just show up in the emergency room with a huge ectopic pregnancy hemorrhage. I have seen a couple of woman dead on arrival as a consequence from an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed via ultrasound or on the operating table with acute internal hemorrhage or for some unfortunate women in the morgue. If you develop severe abdominal pain and know you are pregnant especially less than 7 weeks, go immediately to the emergency room not your doctor's office. Or if your doctor diagnoses an ectopic pregnancy via ultrasound go straight to the emergency room as you more than likely will need surgery, unless you are very early and they choose drugs to dissolve the pregnancy.

It is not unusual with an ectopic ruptured fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy to lose a fallopian tube. Well you know when you look at it losing a fallopian tube yes I know it is very, very, very traumatic for a woman. But thank God that you are diagnosed and that you had competent physicians to save your life. Losing a tube is better than losing your life.

An ectopic pregnancy is a loss, a genuine loss, especially if you wanted this baby. You may have thought everything was going well. Then suddenly boom suddenly not only did you lose your baby, but you might have lost a fallopian tube. This means that your chances of trying to conceive in the future have been reduced by 50%, so a lot of grief and I can help you out. Heal from ectopic pregnancy grief, click HERE  


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