Unexplained Infertility 2 Major Unspoken Causes

 Outside traditional medicine there is a whole area to be uncovered as to why people have a difficult time trying to conceive or having traditional infertility treatment work for them and carry a pregnancy to a viable gestational age. This is called the energetic dynamics of trying to conceive and pregnancy.

Traditional reproductive endocrinologists specializing in infertility treatments have great knowledge of the human anatomy, egg quality, sperm quality and female hormone patterns. They are experts within the traditional medical field of reproductive endocrinology, however many of them lack the knowledge base when it comes to energy medicine and the non-physical reasons behind infertility.

One of the major causes of failed traditional infertility treatment or unexplained infertility is a lack of a baby contract on behalf of the mother.

I say mother as it is the mother-to-be that pulls in the baby regardless of the reason for infertility or the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. The woman chooses her mate and in doing so knows at an unconscious level her partners ability to produce an offspring. In order to have a physical baby you must have a baby contract. This can be a biological, a surrogate or an adoptive contract.

A lack of a baby contract means women who did not plan to have children during their physical lifetime for one reason or another will not be able to have a child unless she deliberately had the knowhow on how to create a baby contract. Being human is a challenging experience and if you are choosing to get pregnant, you may assume you have a baby contract as every cell of your body desires a baby.

Most women desiring a baby have a physical baby contract. Their desire to have a child involves their cells resonating with the spirit of their baby-to-be to hasten the process of the cycle of birth. It is not unusual for women with no baby contracts to desire a child. The reason for this is that prior to your own incarnation you looked at your life's path or purpose and decided bringing a baby into the scenario would complicate things. However, as you master the human experience you see the amazing opportunity for personal growth that a little baby could give you. Every single baby that comes to this planet energetically changes our global consciousness.

The second most frequent non-physical cause of female infertility, or unexplained infertility, when the mother-to-be has a baby contract but is not manifesting a pregnancy is the effect of the physical Sunspot Cycle on the female body.

Many holistic minded people are familiar with the effect of the moon's cycle on reproduction and manifestation but not much is known about the energy dynamics of the sun cycle on fertility. In times of intense solar activity or exposure to the sun when radiation is very high the female body naturally prevents pregnancy in order to avoid malformed fetuses and birth defects.

According to NASA the MSFC Solar Physics Branch members Wilson, Hathaway, and Reichmann have reported; " We are currently in year three of the Sunspot Cycle 24 and gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 99 in February of 2013. Sunspots themselves produce only minor effects on solar emissions, but the magnetic activity that accompanies the sunspots can produce dramatic changes in ultraviolet and soft x-ray emission.

These changes over the solar cycle have important consequences for the Earth's upper atmosphere." From a fertility perspective during such a Sunspot cycle, this helps us understand why many women instinctively rid their bodies of defected offspring resulting in miscarriage and why many infertile couples are frustrated that they are not trying to conceive.

The MSFC Solar Physics Branch states the Sunspot cycle is still climbing until February 2013 when it will slowly diminish until 2020. Couples who want to get pregnant can take action to help protect the female body from ultraviolet light and sun x-ray emissions simply by avoiding high sun exposure, covering up and taking antioxidants daily.

Choice is everything. Choice in this life is the greatest gift made possible by the manifestation of the human soul.

This is the most important thing that ever occurred in creation. In all of creation there is only one species that has manifested the third aspect of the Soul and that is the human spirit. To have all three: Spirit, Soul and Body, is to guarantee eternal life to manifest all the potential to become a God when our spirit evolves. No other spiritual race has had such an opportunity and such tremendous possibilities facing them. As a result human choice became a possibility which I have said is everything in terms of life, the right to free agency and the right to make decisions. To alter the grand plan to life is something that the human race has been given and in being given it, it is honored in all ways.

Women who did not make a choice to create baby contracts when they negotiated their human contract with God can in fact re-negotiate their baby contract to cure infertility. This is done through a shaman or someone like myself that has the ability to cross veils and connect with your soul angel. These are the zodiac angles who rule over the zodiac degrees of your birth of the sun sign.

I feel strongly that if infertility specialists were to study and understand energy medicine in relationship to infertility their infertility treatment success rates would be much higher. It would encourage them to embrace a holistic management plan for their clients and bring more babies into this world.

Reproductive endocrinologists are special people working not only at a human level, but they are contracted by God to use their medical expertise to help facilitate the entrance of highly evolved spiritual beings onto this planet.

After years of intensive study into energy medicine and the energetic dynamics of the human body, I now realize unsolved emotional issues play a major part in most medical conditions. Healing these emotional traumas can result in improved health, sometimes completely resolving the medical problem at hand.

No matter what our background is and no matter what efforts we make to become pregnant, the physical body has to have a positive energy flow to the pelvic area to sustain a viable pregnancy. From a spiritual side of things, the incoming children onto this planet have a much greater vibrational frequency than ours. This can pose a real challenge for the incoming spirit and for the mother.

The sooner the mother increases her basic vibrational frequency, the sooner she increases the possibility of conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy. The mother can increase her vibrational frequency by walking the path of self-discovery and self-healing. It is imperative to let go as much as possible all unresolved emotional issues in your life prior to pregnancy. These issues can cause infertility and create a negative pregnancy outcome.

Alternative healing modalities cost money, but couples may spend thousands of dollars on infertility treatment, which have a significant high failure rate. Increasing the overall energetic and internal health of your body prior infertility treatment may allow you to become pregnant naturally or increase the success rate of traditional infertility treatment. Read More


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Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Hannah Bajor author, midwife of 30 years, founder and CEO of Lumalove® is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage. Hannah bridges traditional reproductive health and energy medicine to help couples access new and dynamic pre conception and prenatal education. Understanding the energy dynamics of trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth puts couples on a faster track toward a healthier pregnancy. It ultimately also gives their unborn child longstanding benefits that serve him or her well beyond pregnancy. You can read more about Hannah HERE


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