Clomid Infertility Medication Facts Most Women Don't Know

Two Secrets To More Effective Use Of Clomid Infertility Medication And trying to conceive

Clomid is a commonly prescribed infertility tablet that is used for the treatment in some cases of infertility to help you in the process of trying to conceive. If you are thinking of using Clomid then this is a must read article. Clomiphene Citrate is marketed in the United States by Aventis Laboratories as Clomid and by Serono Laboratories as Serophene.

 Many primary care providers, GYN and GPs prescribe Clomid as a first line treatment to help you establish normal egg production when you are struggling with trying to conceive or suffering from infertility. Other infertility medication used as part of the trying to conceive process is injectable medications, which cause the ovaries to produce several eggs at once.

 The purpose of taking Clomid infertility medication is to establish normal egg production where one or two eggs are only developed. Once ovulation is established, there is no benefit to increasing the dosage further. Numerous studies show that if Clomid is going to work, pregnancy will usually occur during the first three months of infertility treatment.

 Taking Clomid beyond six months is not recommended. I cannot stress enough the importance of undergoing a basic physical exam before you start taking Clomid as an infertility treatment.

 Two secrets to more effective use of Clomid and trying to conceive are having these two critical infertility tests done before you start Clomid:
  1.  The male partner must have a semen analysis (sperm test) completed. If a poor semen analysis (sperm test) is identified then Clomid is not the drug of choice to use for trying to conceive.
  2.  The female partner must know if her fallopian tubes are opened. This can be assessed via a specialized X-Ray called a Hysterosalpingogram. If your tubes are blocked then the egg can not travel down the fallopian tube and the sperm cannot swim up to meet the egg. Using Clomid with blocked tubes or low sperm count is a waste of time and money and your precious egg supply which may affect your future infertility treatment.

 Failed Clomid infertility treatment normally means that it is now time to advance to the next level of infertility treatment. What this next level of infertility treatment is for you to decide depending upon the underlying cause behind your infertility situation that is preventing you from trying to conceive. Learn more about vitamins to take to naturally increase your fertility or increase the overall success rate of traditional infertility medication treatment. Read More...


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