Improve Sperm Motility To Get Pregnant

Improve sperm motility by consciously knowing how he is serving his sperm, fried or well done. May seem strange but he may be accidentally destroying sperm.

But, it's not his fault if he is serving his sperm as fried rather than well done. If he is serving his baby-making sperm to you when you are trying to get pregnant in an overcooked, fried manner, then this is the fault of our education system, because if he knew better he would not be making this deadly mistake. God didn't put the male scrotum outside the body to play with or as a mark of manhood. He put them there to hang low and be cool for a very specific reason and that is to improve sperm motility - sperm are extremely sensitive to heat.

When you want to get pregnant here are some authentic, professional insights into how your partner should be serving his sperm to improve sperm motility!

The temperature of the male scrotum can determine the health of the sperm. Men have a muscle around their scrotum that involuntarily contracts or relaxes when the body temperature changes. When your man is cold, his scrotum shrivels up, and when he is physically hot, his scrotum hangs low in an attempt to keep his sperm at the right temperature and improve sperm motility.

The normal body temperature is about 98.6 °F or 37 °C which is lethal to sperm.

This is why the normal temperature of the male scrotum is on average 3.6 °F or 2 °C lower than the rest of his body. If the male scrotum reaches a body temperature of 95.6 °F or 35 °C then the overcooking process begins and sperm are likely to be killed off or rendered useless when you are trying to get pregnant. Now you may ask what happens to the sperm when they enter the warmth of the female vagina and what you can do to improve sperm motility.

Women, if you have not realized it before, are amazing beings when it comes to trying to conceive.

Women are naturally wired to automatically have a huge dip in their body temperature right around their most fertile time of the month. This amazing dip in body temperature occurs to prevent the female body from over-frying her mate's sperm when she is trying to get pregnant. This natural cyclical change in female body temperature around ovulation helps to nurture sperm and improve sperm motility.

 Every month the male testes are capable of producing an astonishing 12,000,000,000 sperm!

Every time your man ejaculates, on average he spills out about 300,000,000 sperm in the half a teaspoon of fluid he produces. So you may be wondering why so many women are trying to get pregnant when there is such an abundance of male sperm. There are many reasons why women struggle with trying to get pregnant. One of these reasons is that under normal circumstances, even though 300,000,000 sperm are released in one ejaculation, only 300 of the top sperm swimmers will ever make the ten hour marathon swim from the port of entry, the vagina, up to the city of destination, the fallopian tube where the female egg is waiting for conception to occur.

What your man can do to prevent overcooking his sperm, improve sperm motility to help you to get pregnant.
  • Get rid of tight underwear - swap over to boxer briefs!
  • Swap your tight-fitting jeans for looser-legged jeans or regular pants!
  • Start showering instead of bathing! The temperature of a hot bath can be as high as 108 °F or 42.2 °C (remember temperatures above 95.6 °F or 35 °C kill sperm)
  • Cut out saunas - the average temperature of a sauna can be as high as between 70 °C (158 °F) and 100 °C (212 °F).Saunas can kill sperm.

 Here is a quick story that illustrates how body temperature can affect male fertility and stop you trying to conceive!

Between 1930 and 1950, Dr. Martha Voegeli, a pioneer in the field of male contraceptive research, worked in India. Dr. Voegeli took a group of men and investigated the effect of bathing in water temperature of 110 °F (43.3 °C ) for 45 minutes a day for 3 weeks on his MALE fertility.

She proved different bath temperatures produced varying lengths of infertility in the men studied. A bath temperature of 110 °F (43.3 °C) provided contraception for at least 4 months. A bath temperature of 116°F (46.7 °C) would give you contraceptive protection for 6 months!

Now who doesn't love a nice hot bath? My husband included. So when I read about this study off I went and did my own experiment. I went out and bought one of those large swimming pool thermometers and decided to test the temperature of my husband’s bath water for 7 days in a row. Every evening he would fill the bath tub I would go check his bath water temperature.

It turned out, that he was boiling his sperm because his average bath water temperature was 108 °F or 42.2 °C - enough to cause 4 months of infertility according to Dr. Voegelis research! So from then on until we got pregnant my husband, by no choice of his own, was a shower only guy! I hope you found this article about the temperature of male sperm interesting.

 Reproductive health education should be the responsibility of our teachers, health care providers and parents which would have put us in the drivers seat to managing our fertility, prevent infertility and help us to get pregnant fast when we want to.

But we cannot fault them if we are uneducated since many times our parents themselves lack basic reproductive health care knowledge. Our teachers are restricted as to what they can and can't share with students. Our health care providers have no time for patient education. They are overworked with more patients to see in order to cover increasing overheads and malpractice insurance.

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