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Despite the fact that there is an abundance of help available for couples struggling with infertility millions of women are still not trying to conceive even though they are undergoing all sorts of infertility treatments and taking all sorts of fertility products.

Outside traditional medicine there is a whole area to be uncovered as to why women have a difficult time conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to a viable gestational age. This is called the energetic dynamics of trying to conceive and infertility.

Traditional reproductive endocrinologists specializing in infertility have great knowledge of the human anatomy and the patterns of female hormones. They are experts within this traditional medical field of reproductive endocrinology. However many of them lack the knowledge base when it comes to energy medicine and the non-physical reasons that create infertility.

On the other hand many Alternative Reproductive Therapist fail to understand that for a woman to get pregnant she need basic reproductive health education BEFORE she puts any herbal or natural product into her mouth OR before she undergoes any energy balancing treatment. Women are incorrectly brain washed into thinking if they use urine ovulation prediction kits they will get pregnant! WRONG!

trying to conceive for millions of women requires YES they have sex at the right time but MORE IMPORTANTLY that they change the internal structure of every organ and every cell in the body so their reproductive machine is in optimal health.

Changing the internal structure of your body is easy when you know how and this is where 30 years experience as a woman's health care provider, my 2,000 deliveries, my management of over 10,000 women before during or after pregnancy, my 18 years experience as an energy medicine practitioner, my Masters Degree in Nursing from Case Western University with a GYN degree from Yale University.

 BUT most importantly I have walked in your shoes and personal know what it is like to struggle with infertility I use every single bit of insider information I know and share it with you in my 10 hour+ Lumalove trying to conceive Formula®.

I educate you how to make these internal changes and in doing so it CREATE a literal tsunami rippling effect throughout your body, that NATURALLY increases fertility and quickens the process of trying to conceive naturally or combining alternative or traditional infertility treatments. I show you how to skip years of frustration by teaching that there are only four things you need to focus on.

In order to get your mind, and body, into the "perfect" state to receive a child by rejuvenating your reproductive machine, boosting your egg quality, boosting your sperm quantity and quality, enhancing uterus lining and synchronizing your fertility hormones.

Guaranteed when you sit on front of the computer and listen to me as I show you step by step in language you will understand, what your need to know and what you need to do you will feel I am right there with you. I remove any embarrassment you may have about asking any question and help you to be in the driver's seat and take charge of your ability to have a baby. Read More



 Times have changed! Babies coming into this world are of a higher consciousness. It is time that we as parents learn about the energy dynamics of conception, pregnancy and birth. Read more about this subject by downloading my FREE eBook Birth, Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality authored by Midwife Hannah Bajor.

Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality is a profound telepathic message my oldest son Kyle transmitted through me when he was seven-week's old. As a Certified Nurse Midwife I stand in awe at the level of consciousness of newborn babies. As humans each of us has a mission, a purpose, a task or job to be done. Maybe my son’s message (grammatically unedited) will get you thinking about your mission, your purpose, your task or job you are here to do as a human being... At seven-week's post partum, I was awakened from a sound sleep at four in the morning. I heard a voice saying, ”Ma wake up, take a pen and paper, and write down this message.” This was a very strange occurrence and for a moment I thought, perhaps I flipped and was going crazy! I kept hearing the same sentence over and over again... Get this eBook click on


Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Hannah Bajor author, midwife of 30 years, founder and CEO of Lumalove® is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage. Hannah bridges traditional reproductive health and energy medicine to help couples access new and dynamic pre conception and prenatal education. Understanding the energy dynamics of trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth puts couples on a faster track toward a healthier pregnancy. It ultimately also gives their unborn child longstanding benefits that serve him or her well beyond pregnancy. You can read more about Hannah HERE


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