Get Pregnant By Mastering The Secrets To Your 3 Phase Cycle

To get pregnant monitoring, observing and mastering our 3 phases of your fertility cycle is important because simple things can offset our fertility.

 If you are trying to get pregnant then you need to know your unique distinct phases of you menstrual cycle so you can learn the 24-48 hour window of opportunity you have each month to get pregnant. The length of each phase of the menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. The average length of time between each menstrual cycles is about 28 days. Menstrual cycles longer or shorter than 28 days do not mean there is a problem.

 The 3 distinct phases of the menstrual cycle are as follows:


Menstrual Cycle Phase 1:

The Follicular Phase - The Luteal Phase - The Menstruation Phase refers to the period of time you see your menstrual blood flow. This can range from 3-10 days depending on your unique blood flow cycle.

 In order to get pregnant fast it is a good idea to document the first day you see your menstrual bleeding in your calendar, because this is the day used to calculate your babies due date when you do get pregnant.

Menstrual Cycle Phase 2:

 When you are trying to get pregnant fast know the follicular phase of your menstrual cycle is critical as this phase produces the egg you need to get pregnant. This period starts from the end of your blood flow until you ovulate which is about 14 days prior your next menstrual blood flow. During this time your hormones are climbing and your ovaries are working very hard to mature or ripen hundreds of follicle to product one mature egg.

 When you are trying to get pregnant fast it is important to live a healthy lifestyle during this period avoiding drugs, alcohol and chemical exposure and anything else that can affect the quality of your egg. Bad eggs will reduce your fertility and increase your chances of miscarriage.

Menstrual Cycle Phase 3:

The last part of the menstrual cycle is the luteal phase and once again when you are trying to get pregnant this is the phase because during this phase many hormones are produced. The luteal phase gets its name from the word corpus luteal.

 The corpus luteum is the left over section of the bag that surrounded the eggs you release during ovulation. When you are trying to get pregnant fast this corpus luteum has a huge responsibility to produce progesterone a very important pregnancy hormone. Many factors such as poor nutrition, stress, sickness, travel can all affect your hormonal production and affect your ability to produce the many hormones needed to support a fertilized egg. Therefore when you are trying to get pregnant fast it is critical that you are taking nutritional supplements to help the internal mechanisms of your body deal with daily stress so you can keep the body, mind and spirit balanced to sustain a pregnancy. Learn how to master your unique menstrual cycle. Learn How


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