Your ENERGY a Major KEY To trying to conceive

Eggs, sperm, your reproductive system, the spirit of your incoming baby are all made up of energy, master your energy master your fertility!

trying to conceive and having a successful pregnancy outcome is a complicated process. It is not just about having sex at the right time, eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and having the best of prenatal care.

 The hard cold trying to conceive and pregnancy facts are as follows:

  • 7,300,000 USA women annually are officially diagnosed with infertility!
  • 2,000,000 pregnancy losses!
  • 875,000 women experience one or more pregnancy complications!
  • 2009: 16.1 women DIED due to pregnancy complications per 100,000 lives births!
  • 8.1% of babies were born low birth weight
  • 12% of babies were born premature
  • 6.39% per 1,000 live births these babies will die before their 1st birthday
  • 32.8% of births are via major surgery = C-section
  • 14.5 mothers died per 100,000 live births in 2007 Source CDC

Times have changed! Babies coming into this world are of a higher consciousness and as we as parents-to-be need to learn about the energy dynamics of conception, pregnancy and birth to increase our chances of having a fulfilled pregnancy outcome you and your little one.  I am probably one of the most up front, honest and straight shooting midwife you will ever meet. I sugar coat nothing! Some have criticized me for my bluntness, telling me “NOT TO SHARE THE TRUTH ABOUT PREGNANCY FACTS, AS IT WILL SCARE PEOPLE!

My response to them is, “I am sorry if you are offended, but I believe women deserve honesty and deserve to know the truth about potential pregnancy outcomes. Access to knowledge puts women in the pregnancy driving seat allowing them to make more informed smarter choices so they can do whatever is womanly possible to ensure a positive pregnancy outcome for themselves and their little one”!

I myself had 10 years infertility, then when I did get pregnant I miscarried at 16 weeks for no known reason, I had 3 failed attempts of IUI and was removed in the middle of an IVF cycle been told I was out of eggs! You can read more about my story by clicking HERE...  I now know mastering your life force energy matters a great deal to change the above poor pregnancy outcome statistics!

My own pregnancies taught me a great deal about the energy dynamics of pregnancy because I had the ability to energetically and telepathically connect with the spirit of my growing boys and learn directly from them what pregnancy was like for the babies point of view. You can read more about my experience by downloading my eBook Birth, A Conscious Choice


 Times have changed! Babies coming into this world are of a higher consciousness. It is time that we as parents learn about the energy dynamics of conception, pregnancy and birth. Read more about this subject by downloading my FREE eBook Birth, Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality authored by Midwife Hannah Bajor.

Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality is a profound telepathic message my oldest son Kyle transmitted through me when he was seven-week's old. As a Certified Nurse Midwife I stand in awe at the level of consciousness of newborn babies. As humans each of us has a mission, a purpose, a task or job to be done. Maybe my son’s message (grammatically unedited) will get you thinking about your mission, your purpose, your task or job you are here to do as a human being... At seven-week's post partum, I was awakened from a sound sleep at four in the morning. I heard a voice saying, ”Ma wake up, take a pen and paper, and write down this message.” This was a very strange occurrence and for a moment I thought, perhaps I flipped and was going crazy! I kept hearing the same sentence over and over again... Get this eBook click on


Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Hannah Bajor author, midwife of 30 years, founder and CEO of Lumalove® is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage. Hannah bridges traditional reproductive health and energy medicine to help couples access new and dynamic pre conception and prenatal education. Understanding the energy dynamics of trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth puts couples on a faster track toward a healthier pregnancy. It ultimately also gives their unborn child longstanding benefits that serve him or her well beyond pregnancy. You can read more about Hannah HERE


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