Egg Rejuvenation In Older Women With CoQ10

Traditional infertility specialist are getting excited about the possibility of supplements to increase female eggs quality especially in older women.

 Holistic health practitioners have known for a long time that CoQ10 boosts energy in the mitochondria (the energy-producing power stations of cells). Holistic health practitioners have for years encouraged couples trying to get pregnant or had a previous miscarriage to take CoQ10 (a vitamin-like substance found in mitochondria) as it helps both the egg and the sperm to produce more energy therefore function better and be healthier.

The reason for traditional reproductive endocrinologists excitement is that now the theory behind administering CoQ10 to help rejuvenate female eggs has been validated on mice thanks to the research of Dr. Andrea Jurisicova and her research team.

Dr. Andrea Jurisicova presented her research findings at the 2011 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society annual meeting in Toronto. She has proved that during 4 animal experiments conducted on 80 year old mice, equivalent to 40 year old females, showed that the mice injected with weekly CoQ10 for 3-4 months doubled the numbers of ovulated oocytes as compared to the mice that were not given any supplements.

 Let's face it we all know that the older we get everything in the body ages, the same goes for the quality of our eggs. Therefore when you are trying to get pregnant you need to improve the quality of your eggs.

It has already been researched that by the age of 30 the mitochondria (the energy-producing power stations of cells) is less active and this puts the offspring of older women at greater risk of developing obesity and metabolic syndrome, and predisposing them to diabetes. Dr. Andrea Jurisicova has proved when mice were given CoQ10 (a vitamin-like substance found in mitochondria) they can reverse the effects of mitochondrial changes in oocytes, improve fertility, and perhaps reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

Dr. Andrea Jurisicova her next challenge is to translate these findings to clinical settings so she is currently conducting a human study where they plan to administer oral CoQ10, 600 mg daily for two month to their clients that are planning to have IVF (in vetro fertilization). She is hoping to improve the chance of trying to conceive in older women, while preventing genetic abnormalities including Down Syndrome in infants.

Apart from researching how to improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant she is also investigating abnormalities in the placenta that occur during embryonic development which may lead to pre-eclampsia (a life threatening pregnancy complication associated with high blood pressure, swelling and kidney damage) and or miscarriages and poor growth of the baby. Her collaborative research with Mount Sinai Hospital physicians including Dr. Ellen Greenblatt (Head of the Division of Reproductive Sciences and the Clinical Director of the Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health and IVF Unit in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology) is helping to improve the health of women and increase their chances of conception and full-term healthy birth.

 Educating yourself as to what fertility enhancing vitamins and minerals you should be taking when you are trying to get pregnant is a critical key in helping you to get pregnant quicker, prevent miscarriage and congenital abnormalities.

Because I had a 16 week miscarriage myself, I personally used CoQ10 myself as part of the vitamin and mineral supplement formula I used to help turn my diagnosis of premature ovarian failure into 2 beautiful naturally conceived healthy boys when I was 41 and 43 years old. Learn how you can access specific information about fertility enhancing vitamins and mineral supplements that you should be taking when trying to get pregnant by clicking HERE.


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